The chef publishes a super-economical Southern recipe that’s perfect for the summer!


As summer approaches, we recommend choosing this juicy and economical recipe. Discover the preparation!

Do you like duck breasts? Yes, No ! Tell me your favorites! For those who agree, we are forced to note that the meat of these birds with large legs is quite expensive.

On the other hand, the exquisite taste of the past makes you forget about huge investments! Philip Echuvest provides you with some tips in this article to make you more economical. This illustrious star chef reveals the best parts of ducks to cook for your cooking!detail

Philip Echuvest: The duck heart is perfect for enhancing the flavor of your food!

Philippe Etchebest is a famous chef in France. He came from the southwest of the French province. For this purpose, this chef is very skilled in his area’s specialties. This week, the latter wanted to share his outstanding culinary talent with us.For this he will deliver to us Typical local recipe !!

This is a recipe for a duck heart with Sarlat-la-Canet potatoes! Philip Echuvest is the main founder of this special dish.This last I recommend you to tryTo discover his hometown through an imaginary journey of your taste buds. I promise you will not regret it! In addition, this dish allows you to save money!


In general, you will find that the price of duck meat is quite high. However, it is a delicacy that we tend to appreciate in our daily lives. Philip Echuvest is aware of this reality and has suggested offering a solution to culinary enthusiasts. He advises them to use the duck’s heart to prepare them!

Philip Echuvest affirms itThis is the cheapest part of the duck.. Like any other meat, the duck heart is delicious. Especially when eaten with crispy potatoes, it’s exciting to taste this very juicy dish! We also encourage you to experiment!

How to make this famous original recipe from Southern France?

Philip Echuvest I recently posted a video on YoutubeTo explain the preparation of his recipe. In this publication, the latter explained that the heart of this duck is very easy to achieve with Sarlat-la-Canet potatoes. At the same time, the recipe also allows you to limit your cost of purchasing ingredients!

According to Philip Echuvest, the ingredients needed to redo his recipe are readily available.Is to emphasize that All these ingredients are available on the market.. To make it, you need 6 pieces of garlic, 4 twigs of fresh parsley, 900g of potatoes, 400g of duck heart and 300g of duck fat!

In addition, You will also need Crude salt, 4 fresh thyme twigs, 2 fresh bay leaves, 40 g butter, 2 cl sherry vinegar, salt and pepper. Philip Echuvest believes that by collecting all these raw materials, it can be achieved without any problems.

Please note this consistency For 4 peopleAccording to Philip Echuvest! In addition, this dish from the Southwest is very good for brightening your family’s dinner. You can arrange the consistency according to the number of people in your family! For this purpose, don’t hesitate anymore, put yourself in the kitchen to make this recipe!

Steps to make this recipe of Philip Echuvest come true!

Philip Echuvest has to start this dish You need to peel the potatoes!! Then soak them in water to prevent oxidation. Purify your garlic and proceed to peeling and extracting bacteria! Then keep the tail for the scent and proceed to parsley maintenance! Put the potatoes in the mandolin set for up to 2 minutes!

Second, Philip Echuvest recommends carefully adding potatoes to the fat when the oil is very hot. Pour fresh or dry thyme or bay leaves. Stir the mixture from time to time. Don’t forget to prepare the duck’s heartIncorporate it into your seasonings!