The benefits of LG rapeseed extend to crops with high economic potential

Drought during sowing, resistance to pests in the fall … Although production has experienced some difficulties in recent years, LG believes that rapeseed is still an “agricultural economic interest crop”. Seed companies emphasize the benefits of different varieties to support rapeseed growers.

It takes about 9-10 years for new hybrid varieties to arrive at the farm after the parents have mated. Above, a winter rapeseed plant in a breeding greenhouse at the LG Verneuil-l’Étang site. (© Terre-net Media)

MeLG remembered many at a press conference held at the research station in Verneuil-l’Etán (Seine-il-Marne). Benefits of rapeseed cultivation.. “” Excellent precedent In the case of wheat, it improves soil structure, breaks the disease cycle and simplifies weeding, says rapeseed product manager François Jansoon. It also represents France’s major honey crops, along with companion plants.And another agro-ecological asset: it is France’s main crop in terms of recovery carbon.. .. »»

This is evidenced by “Surface rising again in this 2021/2022 campaign: + 17.9% in a year”. Despite soaring production costs and nitrogen fertilizers, rapeseed is ” Strong economic potential “Using supporting data, we estimate Remi Kruse, a field crop adviser who grows rapeseed at the Ile-de-France Agricultural Chamber (see table below).

Simulation of 2021/2022 evolution of rapeseed income at a yield of 35 q / ha. Simulation of 2021/2022 evolution of rapeseed income at a yield of 35 q / ha. Note: This data ignores the recent rise in GNR prices, Rémi Crouzet adds. (© Ile de France Agricultural Chamber, Corporate Life Service)

Variety selection support

To support rapeseed growers, ” Gene selection According to a Corza study, it represents more than 50% of possible progress, at a rate comparable to agriculture associated with cultural practices. Remagrain Europe. To do this, the team “considers many current and future challenges, such as climate change, the evolution of agricultural practices, increasingly stringent regulations, prediction of new diseases and avoidance of resistance, and opportunities for new exits (proteins). (Must be put in) etc. says Clara Simon, a rapeseed breeder and manager of the Vernuilletan Institute.

“Problems that must be well anticipated for reasons between parents’ crossing and arrival Hybrid varieties For farmers, it takes about 9-10 years of work. This is already reflected in the seed company’s variety portfolio to the following extent:Benefits rapeseed lgWhen :

  • “Ensure the potential sick : TPS phoma, TPS cylindrosporiosis … “;
  • “Security against” pest : TPS virus TuYV, character Install +. The latter includes varieties with “excellent pre-winter vitality and significant biomass production”. This represents a lever against the pressure of insects in the fall, explains François Jansseune.
  • “Securing the harvest Crush resistance, Thanks to the molecular markings *. This increases the harvest period and limits subsequent rapeseed regrowth. ”

For rapeseed nitrogen nutrition

Faced with technical reasoning from Nitrogen fertilization, Seed company announces “N-flex” variety. “It has the genetic ability to optimize the nitrogen available during the feeding cycle. Therefore, they better tolerate the occasional shortage of nitrogen supply from the soil, and rapeseed growers have their” rapeseed OAD “. Allows you to settle with confidence in (rapeseed nitrogen ruler, Farmstar, etc.).

Another liver that can play a role in rapeseed nitrogen nutrition: Companion plants.. LG has been offering a dedicated offer under the name Assist + since last year. “This includes three specific legumes: Bell Seam Tabor Clover, Bengal Bingo Betch, and Fenugreek.” Why this choice? “The interaction of their roots, their ability to freeze, and the fragrant benefits of fenugreek, especially against flea beetles,” emphasizes François Jansseune.

Two novelties for sowing 2022

According to the Kynetec-Kleffman panel on December 23, 2021, “LG is a major rapeseed subsidiary in France, with a market share of + 14.7%. Among the top ten. Rapeseed hybrid5 is from Remagrain Selection, LG Aviron is at the top of the list. And the seed company is not going to stop there.

He also proposes two new hires with a “high level of yield” for the next sowing.

  • LG Atlas, Variety n ° 1 was registered in CTPS in November 2021. It is characterized by “very good fall establishment, resistance to TuYV, resistance to grinding, and columnar spore-forming TPS”.
  • LG Apollonia, Listed in March 2022. This rapeseed also has a “good autumn establishment”. Note: “Very good TPS former, TuYV resistant, and crush resistant”.

* In addition to field observation Molecular labeling Facilitates variety evaluation. Remagrain used this technique specifically because of the crush resistance of its rapeseed varieties. “Molecular marking allows us to identify areas of DNA that track this resistance,” says Clara Simon. With the support of biostatistics, this allows us to go faster. ”

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