The Bank of France, Eure-et-Loire, looks back on the results of 2021 economic activity and the dark outlook for 2022.

Gilles Bonal, director of the Bank of France in Eure-et-Loire, led the night of the evaluation of the sector’s economic situation in Chartres on Wednesday, March 2, in the presence of the director of the sector, Paul Amplois Fabris Gausen. .. The manager responsible for the relationship between Philippe Cerio, chairman of the Eure-et-Loire Chamber of Commerce, and Ali Aichon, deputy director of the Bank of France in Eure-et-Loire.

High inflation

The night was held in the form of a video conference. Gilles Bonal made an initial assessment of economic activity in 2021. “A lot happened with the price of petroleum products in the curve from 2020 to the beginning of 2022. Prices fell + 9% in December 2020, but at the beginning of the recovery curve for economic activity. In 2021, everything was reversed and there was a strong recovery in industrial raw materials. »»
The trend was completely reversed as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made it difficult to control the economic situation in March. “The ECB’s growth forecast for December 2021 was already in the logic of delayed recovery due to the lack of heating and electronic components around the supply, regardless of what is currently affecting us. »» »

According to Val de Loire, regional director of the French bank Centre, the rise in inflation will subside.

The Governor of the Bank of France is also reviewing the trajectory of inflation in the euro area and France. France has risen sharply in a few months. “The ECB has revised its stability rate to inflation of 2%. Germany is already above that number and France is pretty close. The expected average for the euro area in 2022 was about 2.5%. Today it is already. It’s almost 1 point higher. »»

Thus, the supply shortage of companies at the beginning of the year was due to the long-awaited economic recovery. “Today, rising energy prices are causing inflation to rise by up to 3.4% in France. Inflation forecasts a few weeks ago returned to pre-crisis levels in the third quarter of 2021. It looks stronger and longer than expected because we recorded improvements. 8,500 companies see this every month, ”explains Gilles Bonal.

According to the head of the department, Gilles Bonal, economic activity is recovering in earnest in France.

Analysis shared by the ICC 28. One thing is certain: the war in Ukraine has ruined all the optimistic predictions of the Bank of France, the ECB, and economists of international organizations. Still, the automotive and aviation sectors have been struggling over the last few years. Finally, companies are still suffering from a shortage of talent to secure growth.

Ukraine and Russia, it’s 3% of activity

Fabrice Gausen recalled that the number of job seekers dropped significantly in 2021. “Wool Eloar is still characterized by many employees, workers and employees. It addresses the training problems of infrastructure back groups, which are more difficult to find. »»

Harold Huwart, Vice President of the Centre-Val de Loire region, emphasizes: On the other hand, given what is happening in Ukraine, there seems to be no major risk to the local economy. Russian and Ukrainian blocks make up about 3% of sales. »»