“Thanks to our economic model, we are doing without funding.”

If funding is the maxim of young shoots, Black sales is a model of curiosity. The Bordeaux structure, which provides tools for browsing potential customers and finding potential customers, is easy to do without it, thanks to the subscriptions offered by 250 companies. Since its inception in 2016, it has been developing software for salespeople and can identify potential customers according to advanced search by criteria. A digital tool that improves the efficiency of employees who are responsible for potential customers in a company.

If the product design was first done in an artisan way, Blacksales gathered six highly talented developer poles. You can also avoid the lack of these profiles in Bordeaux by counting the former founders of the developer training school “Le Wagon” in the ranks. “”It’s the biggest team“Co-founder Sébastien Burgin said.”Get the public data of the company. For example, on LinkedIn, the profile search category is called the “Internet” and includes different companies. Using our software, we have created a filter that can target e-commerce companies, for example.“”

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Acquire overseas customers

The database refers to 2 million companies and can be reached according to about 30 criteria. In addition, startups offer an automatic contact system. Blacksales sells offers on a subscription model and costs between € 1,090 and € 11,000 per month (up to 500 prospects). Enough to generate enough income to boost the growth of the company. “Thanks to our economic model, we are doing without funding.” Sébastien Burgin stands out. Between 2019 and 2021, the company’s sales fell from € 200,000 to € 1.5 million. So far, the year she said is over.ric-rac“.

With super-growth that startups want to maintain further by adopting 10 new profiles, they have completed a team of 23 employees, 17 of whom are in Bordeaux. Therefore, data managers, sales consultants, and developers are sought after in both Bordeaux and remote work. New vitality must enable entry into the international market. A dangerous change in scale if 80% of Blacksales’ reference companies and customers are in France. Especially because there is a lot of competition overseas.

“We knew what to do to improve the process.”

“”We provide software, automate contacts and provide advice. So far, there are three areas that have been subdivided and put together among competitors.“La Tribune co-founder is a new strategy, Bordelaise relies on its own prospecting tools … run its own tools. An approach that allows you to test software solutions and fix defects. The company was born. “Made a deal with Aurélien Merdassi [un ami de lycée, l’autre cofondateur, ndlr] We had a lot of trouble investigating because we knew what to do to improve the process“Sébastien Burgin says, the same recipe applies internationally, and if Blacksales stands out from other solutions, it could work again.

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