Take care of your pet at a low cost


Pets often bring us great joy and support, but these benefits also come with responsibilities, including financial ones. Pet care can sometimes be expensive, especially for the most discreet households who sometimes have to pay for heavy care and treatment that weighs heavily on their budget. Fortunately, there are solutions to lighten the bill.

Turn to veterinary school

Like most professional training, veterinary schools are a great alternative to traditional veterinarians to benefit from qualitative monitoring. Fully equipped with professional equipment, these schools offer medical examinations, vaccines and tattoos. Veterinary emergency services are available 24 hours a day at these facilities. In the field, veterinary students can complete their know-how and are supervised by experienced and qualified professionals in all situations. However, there are only four veterinary schools in France that offer these services. National Veterinary School, Lyon (VetAgro Sup), Nantes (Oniris), Toulouse (ENVT).

SPA dispenser, free but conditional care

Because animal health is everyone’s business and needs to take into account everyone’s financial means, the Animal Conservation Society (SPA) helps the most modest families in the event of unforeseen circumstances. I can do it. In addition to homes where pets can be adopted, utilities also have their own clinics for collecting and caring for animals from low-income households. In the field, the SPA medical team can not only take care of the treatment, but also sterilize and vaccinate cats, dogs and other pets, and identify animals that have been abandoned with chips. The care provided at the SPA clinic is fully funded by donations from the SPA companion and is completely free (it is possible to pay for free participation), but this solution is for the limited public. Reserved for. First of all, there are currently only 12 clinics in the big cities and villages of Amiens, Lucane, Gournoble, Liévin, Lyon, Marseille, Orleans, Paris, Perpignan, Rouen, Toulon and Toulouse on French territory. is not. Next, you need to show your ID and resource proof to the site to prove that you are actually eligible for this service.

Many support associations for animals

In addition to SPA, several other associations offer discounted care to animals in the clinic. This is the case, for example, with animal assistance treating more than 30,000 pets each year at six centers (Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Strasbourg and Turon) that employ not only veterinarians but also assistants and helpers. -A person who takes care of animals. Also reserved for discreet households, these clinics price consultations according to the costs the owner can afford. There is also an associative network of veterinarians such as Vétérinaires PourTous. This allows qualified households to cover two-thirds of the consultation price, subject to file validation by a social welfare agency or municipality. Some local governments also subsidize animal protection associations that allow them to obtain free veterinary care or vouchers that can be used for certain treatments such as sterility. Check with your local or local government for associations in your area.

Choose the right health insurance for your pet

For other households as well as modest households, the best way to avoid overcharging your bill at the time of payment is to have your pet’s health insurance. Especially for long-lived animals (cats and dogs are one of them), you can get expensive insurance at first, but it is very useful especially for large-scale interventions. To be insured, the animal must already be identified with a chip or tattoo, vaccinated, and have no acute or chronic health history. The ideal time to start insuring cats and dogs starts at the age of a couple of months, but some insurance companies raise prices or refuse to cover older animals. increase. These à la carte packages vary from 10 to 80 euros per card, with very variable slice and refund limits. Don’t hesitate to compare insurance before choosing.


(By the editorial staff of hREF agency)