SwitchAssur: Compare and change borrower insurance at any time

Real Estate Credit: Free Choice of Borrower Insurance

Would you like to get a mortgage and access the property?Subscription Borrower insurance It is unavoidable. This contract protects you and repays your loan, especially if death or permanent disability robs you of your resources. In reality, there are two options available.

  • Select the borrower insurance (or “group contract”) provided by the lending bank.
  • Choose a contract with another insurance company that offers an equivalent guarantee.

This right Insurance delegation Has been recognized since Lagarde method It was subsequently supplemented to allow changes to borrower insurance even after the loan began to be repaid.

  • The Hamon’s Law You can exchange the borrower’s insurance at any time during the first year of the loan.
  • Beyond the first year, Birkin revision Has added an annual retirement right, which is claimed by respecting the notice period two months before the expiration of the contract.

Limited service. 2 months for 1 € without commitment

Box: Can be closed immediately at any time

New as of September 1, 2022 Remoin method Allow Change of borrower’s insurance at any timeEven after the first birthday. You don’t have to wait for the next expiration date of the contract.

Why change borrower insurance?

Group contracts with large banks are often very expensive and not very personalized. Borrowers with a favorable profile can expect much more attractive terms from competing insurers.

Therefore, insurance delegation Significant savings, Can reach thousands of euros over the entire term of the loan, and can reach up to 500 euros per year.The reductions obtained are on average 0.50% rate cut..

In addition to this economic advantage, the insurance delegation is:

  • Bring you At least equivalent guarantee Provided by the bank or better.
  • It does not give the bank the right to change the terms of the credits granted or charge fees.

How to find the best borrower insurance?

In reality, finding the best borrower insurance for a mortgage can be complicated. SECURIMUT launched Switch Assur in 2018 to provide policyholders with a practical and all-in-one solution. This online comparator specializes in borrower insurance and Personalized quote Just a few clicks.

This tool has Contract selection Already adjusted according to the equivalence of guarantees imposed by the lending bank. This makes it easy to compare each formula with its cost.

Insuring new borrowers starts with creating your first quote Electronic signature Of the insured to verify the contract. SwitchAssur then handles all steps with the bank regarding the borrower’s insurance alternatives.

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Changing the borrower’s insurance can significantly reduce the overall cost of credit, thus increasing the purchasing power of real estate. It’s a good idea to use a comparator like SwitchAssur to get an overview of the best offers available right away.

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Important points to remember:

  • You are free to choose your borrower insurance policy, but you can change it during your loan.
  • Delegated borrower insurance often offers far more favorable rates for the same guarantee.
  • The SwitchAssur online comparator helps you find the best formula available with just a few clicks.



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