Sustainable and comprehensive economic development


Today, the territory of Nantes Metropole has the advantage of its diverse economic structure and is characterized by a strong balance of activities. The metropolitan economy is also distinguished by six sectors of sustainability, innovation, mutual fertilization of skills, and excellence decisively directed towards inter-sectoral relationships.

With tourist destinations, meeting places, and the creation of new companies, the region has a nationwide competitive infrastructure.

It is this general momentum, job creator, and attraction creator that Metropolis wants to leverage. Through territorial cooperation, ambition also asserts its status as an international metropolis and ensures the development of its territory.

Structuring the strategic sector

The 6 strategic sectors The territory (aviation, marine economy, food, health, digital industry, creative and cultural industry) is designed to offer two innovative themes. Future industry When Tomorrow’s health..

CSR platform for responsible development

In 2011, Nantes Metropole worked with President Odencia to create a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) platform to help companies move towards responsible economic development that takes into account social issues and sustainable development. bottom. Since 2013, the website has been jointly provided with the aim of identifying initiatives, informing and encouraging good practices.


A social solidarity economy that serves employment and social cohesion

The Social Solidarity Economy (ESS) is helping to make Nantes Metropole an active and unified territory. It puts together various structures. Associations, co-operatives, interrelationships, foundations … driven by the desire to put solidarity and social usefulness at the center of the project.

Therefore, the community involves actions organized by the Les Ecossolies Association. The Regional Economic Cooperation Center (PTCE) offers many services and events such as Ecossolies Lab, Solilab, etc. to support businesses and promote connections.

Since February 2019, the Nantes SSE ecosystem has become one of the 20 regions selected for the “French Impact Territory” label.

An application that puts Nantes Entreprises in your pocket to make your business life easier

Nantes Entreprises dansmapoche was designed to support and simplify business procedures and centralize numerous resources and news. This unique entry point through the site is managed and operated by Nantes Métropole in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce (CCI).

Partnership with a local company

Nantes Métropole has begun the process of participating in major projects in the region in collaboration with large corporations. The idea of ​​using keys to attract other companies and talents. Thus, Metropolis has signed an agreement with Airbus on mobility, sustainable development, human capital, or territorial promotion.

Key number


Jobs at Pays de la Loire related to aviation, including 5,000 jobs at Airbus


Work related to the maritime sector of the Nantes-Saint-Nazaire region, including 24,400 related to port activities


Jobs related to the food sector, distributed across more than 400 companies in the Nantes metropolitan area


Work directly related to health, including 12,000 jobs at Nantes University Hospital


Digital jobs distributed to 2100 companies in the Nantes metropolitan area


Work related to the creative and cultural industries


Much of the agglomeration work comes from SSE


Facility established in 2020