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Sunlight is a young generalist brand. For over 15 years it has been producing overcabs, integrals, low profiles, and vans for several years. Therefore, the offers are abundant and diverse and always address the same economic issues. Indeed, since its launch, the German factory Capron, which integrates not only Sunlight but also Carado, has always made the first price its hobby. The recent Sunlight profile is a big surprise in many ways. Our 650km journey took us from La Tranche-sur-Mer to Noirmoutier. This access is as atypical as Passage du Gois.

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But back to the test. With a catalog limited to 10 proposals from 5.99m to 7.40m so far, the German brand develops its range from the top on long vehicles. You need to add the T69 LC to the previous two names, T69 S (6.99 m) and T69 L (7.40 m). An inconspicuous engraving is displayed on the engine cover. The grille bears the Citroën chevron logo because the T69 LC is only available in the “special camper” chassis of the French car manufacturer.

To understand the unique characteristics of the vehicle, you need to get on board. At the entrance threshold, which is more than 50 cm from the ground, access to the guest rooms is provided via electric steps. Then, I found a living room with side seats facing each other, a plan that fits the trend of the French market. This is the first time Sunlight has used this provision, which is highly anticipated by both first-time camper owners and “updaters.”

The depth of the seat is comfortable, but the foam is a little stiff. This lounge area is completed by a rotating cabin seat captain chair. The table is in the center of this space. The top is large enough (92 x 82 cm) and can be easily folded in half to open a circulation passage about 50 cm wide.

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Ease of movement is also an asset, especially in daytime areas where there are no stairs. The brightness of the living room is comfortable, and the height under the roof is 2.10m (1.92m with a drop-down bed), which gives you a feeling of space. That was in our test model. The bedding measures 141×192 cm and has a bevel at your feet (reduces width to 118 cm) so that it does not get in the way of the door. To lower it, use the large button to unlock the assembly and manually lower the bed. There is no need to place a seat back or fold the stove’s protective plate.


The kitchen unit is quite deep as part of it. Divided into a large cupboard and 3 drawers, ideal for storage. The work plan includes a stainless steel tank and a three-burner stove side by side. Opposite the main cabinet is a 167 liter double door refrigerator with a separate 29 liter freezer compartment.

At the rear, there is a bathroom and bedroom, similar to the one attached to the T69 L. Therefore, there is a large central bed of 151 x 190 cm with the head framed by two wardrobes and two overhead cupboards. The dimensions of the mattress are pretty correct. You can also use the rectangular foam to stretch the lying surface an additional 15 cm. But at the expense of the aisle at the end of the bed … In the classic configuration, the width of the corridor between the bed base and the bathroom dividers is 27 cm. Installing the foam extension makes access very narrow.

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The bathroom consists of two separate blocks. There is a spacious and bright shower on one side and a bathroom on the other. It seems reasonable to combine the two volumes with a clever sliding partition, as the wheel arch penetrates the floor surface a bit.

The Sunlight T69 LC is a great overview of trends. This profile is targeted at a large number of French camper owners today by meeting a variety of requirements. And, as I wrote in the preamble, the brand adds an economical touch: very good price (from € 48,790 for 140 hp in chassis pack). For Citroën Jumper, this pack includes cruise control / speed limiter, manual air conditioning, electric and heating mirrors, leather steering wheel and gear knob cover.

Undoubtedly, this vehicle starts at € 54,790 and is one of the best performance / price ratios on the market in the category of thin seats with a face-to-face lounge and a central bed. It’s no wonder that this Sunlight is positioned as the bestseller of the German brand.

CC Mag Opinion:

  • Plus: Consistent basic equipment // attractive price // modern atmosphere and clean finish //
  • Minus: Shower wheel arch // Living room seat is too straight // Foot height entry switch //