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The Senate delegation, chaired by Stefanu Alterno (RDSE-Saint-Pierre Emikeron), concludes the report by Annick Petrus (Republican-Saint Martin), Philippe Folio (Union Centrist-Tarn) and Marie Laurefinella. Adopted. -Hose on National Maritime Strategy (RDPI-Guyana).

France, the second largest sea area in the world, adopted a strategic document in 2017 that would provide a framework and direction for its maritime ambitions, but Senators have taken action over the past five years. Create a critical assessment of. Issues in this area are more important than ever.

They point to a strategic paradox that is inseparable from the foreign waters (97% of the French EEZ), but struggle to recognize, integrate and fully correlate foreign territories within the scope of their actual contributions. I am. They believe it is essential to radically change the approach and build French maritime power on foreign assets by truly placing foreign territories at the center of the country’s naval strategy.

In the aftermath of the first World Ocean Summit in Brest (One Ocean Summit), reporters are increasing the resources of the Navy and driving maritime strategies behind the integration of foreign territories into the world economy.

While the maritime threats of overseas territories are increasing, today there is a marked discrepancy with the renewal rate of French means. In the face of current undercapacity and underestimation of sovereignty, overseas territories must be a priority of future military planning legislation.

France’s Indo-Pacific strategy has been in place since 2018, but its results are limited and remain very “nation-centric.” However, the French territories of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean (Mayotte, La Reunion, French Southern Antarctic countries, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, La Passion Clipperton) are regional cooperation organizations. As the only European Union state to exist in the Indo-Pacific, France must claim this advantage among the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union and involve Europe more strongly in the region. Finally, after the “Australian Submarine Crisis”, we need to strengthen and diversify our strategic partnerships in the region.

The rapporteur formulates 40 proposals in terms of the following maritime strategy 2023-2029 to prepare the future of France’s oceans and address the challenges of the arguably maritime 21st century.

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Some of the Senate suggestions

-Involve upstream elected officials better in the development of the next National Maritime Strategy (2023-2029) within the framework of prior consultation in each region.
-Organize a major debate in front of Parliament on the direction of the next National Naval Strategy (2023-2029) approved by voting and law texts.
-Establish a shared maritime governing body in the form of an extraordinary maritime committee capable of space management in the sea and coastal sectors, hinterland development and training issues at the level of each foreign community.
-If the overseas community is involved in the ocean basin, systematically participate in high-level visits and conferences hosted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
-Make overseas territories one of the priorities for updating the Military Programming Act (LPM) 2019-2025.
-Provide additional patrol boat deliveries to each overseas unit during the next military programming law.
-Combine overseas patrol vessel (POM) deliveries by test-running ground drones across the EEZ.
-Accelerate the deployment of the European Patrol Corvette Program to ensure replacement of surveillance frigate.
-Set up a cell dedicated to strategic thinking within the overseas ministry and reintegrate senior officers there.
-Associate conservation measures with the expansion of marine nature reserves.
-Leverage the existence of overseas territories in regional cooperation organizations in the Indo-Pacific strategy.
-Develop economic and environmental initiatives that do not limit the Indo-Pacific strategy to its military aspects through community action.
-Strengthen the role of foreign territories in the European Indo-Pacific strategy during the EU’s Presidential era.
-Accompanied by reinvesting pre-deployed military forces abroad to diversify partnerships in the Indo-Pacific.
-Increase exchanges between the French communities of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific and create regional forums for Indo-Pacific countries.
-Develop ship repair services at overseas ports, increase land reserves and enable new businesses to be launched.
-French territory in the Pacific is only available with one internet cable, but develop a new cable project for redundancy.
-Increase Ifremer’s resources for overseas aquaculture research and development.
-Create an action plan for offshore renewable energy facilities in each region.


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