South is aiming for economic innovation

“The main direction of the economic center is innovation, with an incubator, a business incubator and a business hotel in one place,” she explained. This is specifically the development of the current economic development agency BA2E in the business area of ​​Lasted Buch along the A660.

Current site (1,100 m2Therefore, we welcome innovative companies with 14 offices, 3 workshops, Fab labs and 2 meeting rooms.New building (900 meters2) Is now complete and will house project leaders and innovative companies on two floors: a BA2E agency, an economic partner’s office, and two floors. There are 15 offices and 360 meters including 4 open spaces2 It is “provided as needed”.

E-Hospito and Beyond the Sea

“Cobas supports companies at various stages of their creation, up to sustainability,” Marie-Hélène Des Esgaulx designates, referring to future business sectors or niches such as sustainable development and the silver economy. To do. E-Hospit is already involved. The winner of the project recruitment from Bordeaux University Hospital, this young company was created by doctors at Wallerstein Private Hospital in Ares to provide an innovative system that dematerializes all patient management procedures. ..

Another example is Yves Parlier’s Beyond the Sea company, which moves from an incubator to a company hotel. Cobas is accompanied by prescribers such as Techno West, and the president guarantees that the price is “attractive.”


About recruitment of projects starting from 1er In March, we will focus on innovations related to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Arcachon Basin. Therefore, we will discuss the environment, seniors, health, IoT (Internet of Things), home automation, mobility, green energy, energy efficiency, security, and remote assistance. “The ambition is to propose at least one call for the project in one of these areas,” said the president of Cobas.

The ambition is to propose at least one project call per year.

Finally, personnel exchange starting from 1er May 2022 is intended for students or recent graduates. It is offered in the form of a grant to “help those who cannot afford the first few months of the project”. The amount is renewable once for up to 6 months and depends on the beneficiary’s income, within the range of monthly financial support up to € 1,000.

“This cluster has the potential of 60 companies. We’re not going to fill it, but we’re aiming to reach out to those who need it,” Marie Helene de. Esgor concludes.

Parity, transportation, school

The menu of this community council did not include only the economy. Elected officials confirmed that following the resignation of Catherine Otaburu, a new representative of Cobas was elected at Bruno Pasturo in Shiva (Municipal Union). Opposition Thierry Mysonabe’s elected testerin regrets that equality was not respected, women were replaced by men, and the number of sisters went from seven to twelve.
Cobas then approved the new public transport fare. The 1 euro journey remains, and the 80 euro youth pass remains. This will give you access to on-demand transportation (Tad) at night. In other cases it will be 2.50 euros and for Tad seniors it will be 2 euros.
Elected officials also approved the development of a second section of Michelott’s bike path and the creation of bike paths on Louis Linnon Boulevard and Janhamo Street in Latest de Buch. Finally, there was talk of rebuilding the Michelott School Group, still in La Test. A project that includes 15 classes and costs € 14,479,915. “We are an investment community, not just the A660,” commented Marie-Hélène Des Esgaulx.