Sellside Insurance: Focusing on the Mobile Insurance Market

The mobile insurance market, or more broadly the affinity market, is relatively young, but still growing steadily. It should be remembered here that this type of non-compulsory insurance will be covered in the event of failure, loss or theft according to the terms and conditions of the contract. As such, this offer has been significantly developed to recognize the challenges associated with often expensive equipment and to meet the growing demands of users. In this context, Sellside Insurance was founded in France in 1999 and specializes in mobile and multimedia insurance. We encourage you to discover this leading player in affinity insurance, which has become a leader in Europe thanks to its innovative sensibilities.

Affinity Insurance Specialist, Sellside Insurance

For over 20 years, the Indexia Group brand Celside Insurance has provided customers with a wide range of insurance products in the world of mobile phones, multimedia and connected objects.

This group started its activities in the field of mobile phones in France, Multi-risk insurance to cover damage, Flight, Oxidation When Even loss phone. Faced with the success and growing demand encountered in an increasingly digital world Sellside Insurance has expanded its activities not only in the multimedia field, but also by diversifying into connected objects. If the group was created in France, it was subsequently developed to expand to Europe.

Gradually, the Dexia Group, it Top European players.. Sell-side insurance Is constantly innovating to provide insurance products that perfectly meet customer needs in terms of connected objects.

Mostly today 8 million insured Europeans are subscribing Sell-side insurance Insurance for everyday equipment: phones, connected objects, multimedia, appliances. The group has 2,500 partner dealerships in Europe and nearly 200,000 new contracts are signed each month.

The affinity insurance specialist had a transaction volume of over € 1 billion in 2020. In particular, it was successful due to the construction of its own distribution network and international development.

Celside Insurance’s insurance products and services that serve our clients

Sellside Insurance has used its experience and sense of innovation to develop a variety of insurance products to keep up with customer needs.

Therefore, the latter can enroll in various contracts to insure multimedia devices.

  • Mobile phone insurance;
  • Multimedia insurance and connected object insurance: TVs, tablets, cameras, connected watches, headphones, drones.
  • Home appliance insurance: refrigerator, washing machine, robot vacuum cleaner.

This multi-risk insurance allows customers to be indemnified in the event of damage, loss, theft or even oxidation. Consumer attention: Today’s smartphones, tablets and other connected objects have a certain cost. The challenge then is to ensure that these devices are used on a daily basis to avoid costly repair and new purchase obligations.

To fully satisfy our customers Sellside insurance We are careful to make the offer customizable and modular.. Therefore, each customer can choose a product that perfectly matches their needs. In addition, this group stands out for its local service. Whether in-store or customer service (contactable by phone and email), our advisors will assist you with all steps and issues.

In addition, to ensure advisor expertise, Celside Insurance 100 trainers are continuously present in the field To support the sales team of our partner distributors.

It is also important to note that sell-side insurance is the only insurance company that has its own integrated repair center.Therefore, the group can provide to the customer Comprehensive, fast and efficient support..

Aspirations for innovation that brings the Indexia Group to the Next 40 / French Tech 120

Since its creation Sell-side insurance Shows a strong sensationinnovation To adapt and anticipate customer needs in terms of digital products, telephony, or multimedia.his Offer was Widely diversifiedAllow it to be Affinity insurance key player..

It’s no wonder that major groups have joined Next 40 / French Tech 120 Ranking.. These indicators highlight the most promising French start-ups by increasing sales or raising funds.

This schedule is Contribution from sell side Insurance at Promote “Made in France” internationally, Fully shows the exponential growth of the group. Sellside insurance pays attention to the development of its ecosystem, in addition to the diversification of its offerings. In fact, this insurance covers local services, digital transformation of individuals and professionals, as well as support for the circular economy.

However, instead of relying on the results, Celside Insurance continues its dynamic policy by offering new services. In particular, we offer it not only to professionals who offer business offers, but also to individuals who offer products that enable more responsible consumption due to the long life of the device. The group also has a strong desire to grow by strengthening local accessibility and establishing an international presence through store brands specializing in new and refurbished multimedia equipment. increase. Therefore, with launches in Europe, especially Germany and Italy, nearly 100 stores should soon see the light of day.

Today, more than ever Sell-side insurance keeps its value highThat isinnovation, qualityMe’Agile not only, respect..