Secours Catholique takes the first step in life insurance

Secours Catholique says,Brotherhood Revolution“. In the desire to reduce all causes of poverty, the agency decided to tackle finance head-on. She and Kaori, the Association of Relief, this Tuesday, Tuesday, January 15th. Generali has announced the launch of Kaori.Vie, an insured life insurance policy.

Savers have their say

The Kaori Savings Association gives its members access to responsible savings products selected according to the strict specifications established by Secours Catholique. With a low annual fee of 20 euros, it is open to anyone who wants to make a difference in their investment. This membership allows them to participate in the life of the association, but above all, express their expectations in terms of non-financial management and guide the selection of media linked to the unit. “”Secours Catholique-Caritas France prefers money to act over money to sleep. Shows the relevance in the press release. Thanks to Kaori, everyone can create preventative savings and beliefs! Grow your money while doing good for society and the planet.»»

For the time being, members can find one product called Kaori.Vie, which is a life insurance policy with a general insurance company.An alternative and humanist vision of finance“.”Account-based support [sélectionnés] Invest or lend to companies that contribute to social change by eliminating the most polluting actors, adapting to the best practices, fighting global warming, and supporting actors who promote social usefulness. Make it possible“, Secours Catholique explains.

Saver can be selected from 27 funds after rigorous analysis by investment consulting firm Amadeis. “”Developed a selection method specific to Secours Catholique“At a press conference at the presentation, Alexander Rengelow, co-founder and president of the company, was revealed. The SRI label said,”More and more abusedAccording to him, he elaborated on the three layers of filters they had to rely on.Sorting wheat from rice husks“.

Layer 1: Quantitative filter to eliminate funds with assets of less than € 50 million and legal structure of less than 3 yearsexotic“. Then Amadeis used the rating Attract the best students from this universe based on three criteria: a satisfactory ESG / climate profile, a positive flow of invested savings, and an appropriate risk / performance ratio. Finally, the management company was also scrutinized. Their reputation, stock selection process, and management team were analyzed.

Among the lucky winners are well-known and responsible financial companies (Sycomore, Ecofi, Mirova, etc.). Patrimoine from the Federal Ethi-Federal Finance Gestion of the Cult Foundation has also been added to the list. For euro-denominated funds, Generali Insurance Company offers two options: Eurosima and Netishima. Subscribers can manipulate the assignments themselves or choose managed management. In addition to the two classic risk profiles (medium or dynamic), there are three themes: Priority Earth (the company that contributes most to environmental protection), humans (the companies that put humans at the center of concern), and exemplary. You can choose from. (With ESG best practices).

Kaori Vie is distributed by the associate broker ASAC-FAPES.Selected for its long-standing involvement in the world of expertise and association, as well as complete independence for insurance companies and banks“We boasted Kaori’s president, Veronique Fayette. It’s fully online from € 500 and the contract doesn’t include payment or arbitration costs. Not to mention the unit link fee, management fees Will increase by 0.8% and management costs will increase by 0.3%.

“Pulling the uncertain veil of finance”

During the meeting, Véronique Fayet asserted the rescuer’s commitment to this contract. “”We want people to get their finances back.We ask our partners a lot of questions, but they also train us on financing mechanisms we don’t know about.“, She explained.Partnerships that are mutually beneficial“.

However, it is not easy to encourage savers to commit to life insurance policies.Few people tend to sniff Report The underlying asset and even a few can understand all the ropes. Asked about this, François Solage was a former President of Secours Catholique, a member of Kaori’s board of directors, and wanted to be optimistic about the participatory culture of the association. “”We have already set up a foundation with the real estate company Caritas Habitat, confirming that investors are working hard and asking questions.I’m sure this new tool will give the same result“He supported. Véronique Fayet added that he could develop educational content for savers and help them.Lift the uncertain veil of finance“.