Scooter insurance: obligations, guarantees and costs

Scooter insurance: Required depending on the means of promotion

The same is not true for electric scooters if classic scooters driven by the sole power of the user’s calf are not covered by insurance and their use is covered by the civil liability of your family. Hmm. Indeed, these, like all EDPMs (electric personal transport devices such as Segways, monowheels), Hoverboard, Hover skating) It is subject to the obligation of third party insurance imposed on all automobiles.

Therefore, in addition to traffic regulations and compliance with highway laws (speed, driver age, headphone bans, sidewalk driving bans, protective devices, etc.), the law imposes public liability for insurance obligations. According to insurance companies, this insurance obligation can be fulfilled in two ways.

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Scooter insurance guarantee

EDP ​​M / NVEI Specific Contract

This agreement covers civil liability incurred if you injure a pedestrian, cyclist, or other road user, or if you damage a vehicle or other property owned by a third party. This may include other warranties for scooters in the event of a serious damage, fall or collision, and warranties in the event of machine theft.

The contract may also include a separate warranty for the driver in case of personal injury due to a fall or collision, as well as legal protection.

Be careful: All traditional insurance companies have not yet offered a specific contract.Most of these are the royal prerogatives of those who have agreed to be called InsurTechThese professional start-ups often act as brokers to create and manage contracts where risk is reinsured elsewhere.

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Extension and adaptation of civil liability guarantees

Some insurance companies are proposing to include the scooter’s civil liability in the guarantees included in Multi-Risk Home Insurance (MRH). This solution may prove more economical if you do not need a machine damage warranty or a driver’s individual warranty.

caveat : Civil liability for multi-risk home covers may cover the use of electric vehicles such as children’s toys (motorcycles, tractors, and other toys whose speed should not exceed 6 km / h). It reaches speeds of 25 km / h).

I want to know: Scooter with approved speeds above 25 km / h will not be able to benefit from contracts for NVEI (new individual electric vehicles).

Always consult an insurance company that will tell you how to get good coverage.

Lack of insurance will be punished by the fines set out in Article L.324-2 of the Highway Code. This can be up to € 3,750 (basic 135 euros).

In the event of personal injury to a third party and no insurance, FGAO (Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund) will cover and collect the allowance paid by the uninsured responsible person.

Electric scooter insurance costs

Insurance companies offer a variety of options, from mandatory minimums (civil liability + criminal defense and reimbursement claims) to damage to the machine, as well as damage to the driver and, in some cases, an extended warranty for the equipment. increase.

With the basic guarantee, the monthly fee will fluctuate by more than 3.50 euros per month (5/6 euros on average). The cost of a more complete contract varies from € 7 to € 20/22 or more, depending on the amount of guarantee and compensation (especially in criminal defense and depending on the amount of insurance on the guaranteed scooter).

Good to know : Would you like to rent an electric scooter? It is imperative to consult with the lessor about whether insurance is included and what it guarantees.