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In the era of the football business, a small group of AS Saint-Etienne enthusiasts decided to launch a project to return the club to its supporters. Meet the two founders of the “Socios Verts” project, dreaming of having the same number of members as the cauldron location.

“It dates back to October 2021 and is watching the match. I tell myself: “We’ve been doing maintenance for three years. We have to change something and create new momentum …” For me, the club was too separated from its base. »» Thierry Simone is a real AS Saint-Etienne lover. And since the fall, he has also been the president and co-founder of the Socios Verts Association, which aims to launch the “socios” project at his favorite club. “In this project, the two presidents were the first to go unnoticed. But objectively, it’s strange that a club like us hasn’t done this yet. . »» Together with Jeremy Chatnier, who is currently co-chairman and enthusiastic about promoting a popular movement centered on ASSE, Simonet is launching the project with eight members in first baseman. “I initially thought it would take 3-4 months, but now I understand it’s going to be difficult and long. But we’ve made progress. Initially 8 people, today nearly 30 people, Men and women who have various skills and work hard … ” Of course, voluntarily.

“Protecting the identity and values ​​of our club”

What is the purpose of the hilarious band? “We often imagine that a social project is pushing players from the training center of the first team.” From the beginning, I will raise Vice President Chatnier. “In fact, we want more young people from the clubs of the first team. That’s true, but there are no demands for sports projects. Our ambitions are solutions, clubs and their foundations. It’s about improving relationships, playing games, and providing philanthropy. In fact, we just want to protect the identity and values ​​of the club. »» Specifically, this means that Socios Verts aims to enter the club’s capital with a financial contribution of € 2.5 million to € 5 million. Not enough to get full power. “But for example, having a representative on the steering committee to listen to supporters and establish transparency would already be a huge success.” Says Jeremy Chatnier.

The outlook depends on the status of future sales and is significantly delayed by the sluggish performance of Greens. “Today, our project depends on the amount we can put on the table, whether our approach is acceptable to club leaders or future leaders, and the expectations of both parties. »» Currently, the association is only collecting a pledge of € 180,000, but hopes to continue to collect support over the next few weeks. “Especially, getting official support from former players like Marc Zanotti, who launched first this month, helps other players get the visibility they want to follow and reach the national spectrum. Will do it. ” Simonet insists.

Play like Bastia

From 1974 to 1975, the semi-final against Bayern Munich completed the European epic and fell in love with a club from Clermont. The founders of Socioswerts began to live in the Saint-Etienne region. “From pure love for the club” .. The 1976 generation, when he wanted to join ASSE, holds the key to the project. “Current players can’t support us, he can’t place himself or even an active player who might want to turn to a club. Meanwhile, 76 of them are no longer. Everyone has no career interests and everyone knows them. If someone starts to support us, it can go up very quickly. »» The association has already registered 1,700 future donors and Simonet hopes to reach 42,000. “For the symbol of sold out Geoffroy-Guichard” ..

The road is still long, but according to Chatnier, it is important to impose the effort it means. “We find that we need to return to certain basic values ​​of football, such as the fact that the club must belong to that supporter.” .. He uses international news to support his argument. “The fact that there are foreign millionaires at the top of the club means that we are exposed to geopolitical conditions like Chelsea today. Imagine that it is Qatar that is isolated tomorrow. Try it. What about PSG? »» Unable to answer this question, he is happy to specify what he wants from Saint-Etienne. “A model comparable to what they first installed on Bastier. In the long run, the ultimate model is not necessarily FC Barcelona, ​​which is cheerfully quoted as a club of excellence in society, but an example of the relationship between management and supporters. Bayern Munich is building a positive balance. »» Meaning: Green Socios do not think they are in control, “Guardian of Club Identity” ..

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