Saham Assurance extends CheckAuto Express

Insurance companies belonging to the Sanlam Group are improving the services of Check Auto Express’s rapid compensation center by offering two repair options. Objective: To operate in “one-stop shop” mode and fully support victims regardless of their use of these centers.

Compensate quickly and quickly without much interaction, hassle, and administrative paperwork. This is a fashionable “product” that insurance companies offer drivers, if not unavoidable. Among them, Saham Assurance is a pioneer in this field and opened the first rapid compensation center in Casablanca more than 12 years ago. At this time, the company was again called CNI Saada.

Since then, water has flowed under the bridge and there are now seven of these centers, called Check Auto Express, covering six cities: Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Marrakech, Agadir and Fez. These dependable places, visited by the victims frequently, continue to innovate with new services this month. Indeed, if the victim has so far found only one suggestion, a compensation check, take it or leave it, he is currently repaired in a garage approved by Saham or his chosen garage. You may choose to repair by.

Specifically, according to Adil Machmoum, director of the Automobile Material Claims Platform at Saham Assurance, the manager at the center suggests that the victim be qualified and, if desired, first take a prompt compensation course. increase. If the victim is unable or unwilling to perform this procedure, the other two results will be provided, explained and coordinated through individual support. Therefore, for approved center repairs, the vehicle is processed and evaluated on the spot before the return deadline and the company’s deadline are set. “After repairs, the work done will be delivered to him with a one-year warranty,” Saham said in a statement.

In the second case, the victim prefers to go through his garage and go to Check Auto Express before starting repairs, and only has a garage quote verified by an on-site expert. increase. When the latter gives a green light, repairs are initiated and the repairs performed are evaluated by the same expert for the purpose of compensating the customer. Even better, and to better support the insured, he can retrieve the replacement vehicle (if his contract provides it), at the center level or at his home. You will be able to use it directly! Another “kindness” promised that if the victim could not move to the center, an expert would be dispatched to him to take pictures before, during and after the repair.

In any case, the first step does not take more than 30 minutes within Check Auto Express and operates according to one-stop shop mode, thus reducing the uncertainty and slowdown of the procedure experienced by many victim drivers. You can avoid it. accident. This was emphasized by Deputy General Manager Abdessa Madtalbi (pictured) that “In addition to their historic mission of quick compensation, Check Auto Express is becoming an end-to-end service center.” Is shown. Finally, you need to specify that the amount of compensation is limited to 10,000 DH. This suggests that this procedure is fairly limited to relatively light bodywork injuries. With the ceiling under study and not frozen in time, we are confident that the company is determined to continue to innovate.

Jalil Bennani / ECO AUTOMOTIVE Inspirations

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