Rwanda and France resume economic cooperation


Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Kigali “Better and deeper relationship between Rwanda and France”, Estimated Paul Kagame on Saturday, May 29, answering questions from the French Inter.President Rwanda acknowledges France’s responsibility for genocide in 1994 “Big step”nevertheless, “There is no completely satisfactory answer on this very complex subject.”..

Emmanuel Macron’s speech at the Kigali Memorial opens up new perspectives on working with one of Africa’s most dynamic economies. Rwanda has grown by more than 7% in 20 years and approached 10% in 2019. Even if he is still in the process of development, he has succeeded in reducing poverty and increasing hopes for life and is now 69 years old.

Uncorrupted administration

A small country with a population of 12.5 million, a landlocked country among the giants, and thanks to the aggressive policies of President Paul Kagame, who has been in power since 2000, reconciled the Rwandans and made an efficient government. I was able to establish it. “There is no corruption here. Many steps can be done digitally.” French entrepreneur David Benazelav, founded in Kigali, testifies to being a partner in Rwanda, the real estate developer Imara Properties.

He is currently developing a residential complex on the outskirts of Kigali for the upper middle class. “We were able to launch the project very quickly. The first delivery took place within a year and is already sold at 67%.”He says.

Development was driven by public investment, and the ruling RPF chose to develop infrastructure. Roads, new airports, 4G telephone networks … Compared to the capitals of neighboring countries, Kigali offers an amazing image of order and modernity. The robot welcomes visitors to the airport and encourages them to wear masks.


Robots, drones, smartphones

Outside the capital, the majority of the population lives in subsistence agriculture and tea cultivation, paying less than € 1 a day to pick leaves from shrubs that grow in large terraced fields. However, at the corners of mountain roads, you can see the airfield hosting the drone used to deliver blood bags to the most isolated health centers.

In this way, Rwanda, a country whose powerful leaders aim to be among the wealthiest countries in Africa, moves forward. And, like this mobile phone brand, MaraPhone, which produces the first African smartphone in Rwanda, it can already show some success. Or this Volkswagen factory that assembles vehicles in the soil of Rwanda in Kigali. Volkswagen is also testing an innovative rental system on site. “The market here is still small, but this allows us to test this service in Africa and then see if it can be expanded to other countries.”Serge Kamhinda, Head of VW Mobility in Rwanda, explains.

On the other hand, few major French companies. The most important investment is in Vivendi, which will build a leisure facility on the Olympia Canal in Kigali in 2020 and sell internet boxes.

France pledges 500 million in aid to Rwanda

A visit to Emmanuel Macron can change everything. Ambassadors should be appointed as soon as possible, although seats have been vacant since 2015. The French Development Agency (AFD) should also reopen its office. She left the country in 1996. Last year, AFD already promised Rwanda € 130 million to support the development of power grids and support Covid’s epidemic emergencies through discounted financing.

During Emmanuel Macron’s visit, France signed an intention to increase all of this aid to € 500 million by 2023. This includes support for French education, transportation and the development of a medical system.

According to the World Bank, the Covid-19 epidemic could put nearly 550,000 Rwandans into severe poverty. But the country believes in its ability to bounce. He has already received 500,000 vaccines, including 140,000 provided by Emmanuel Macron. Rwanda wants to vaccinate 30% of its population by the end of 2021.