RNI is committed to returning to normal economic life

In the final press release at the end of the 7th National Convention in Rabat on March 5th and 6th, the national independence rally was a Covid-19 pandemic.

Within the initiative, RNI will improve the daily lives of its citizens, an emergency program aimed at mitigating the effects of delayed rainfall, the “Awrach” program, which will create 250,000 jobs from 2022 to 2023. In addition to all other initiatives that the government plans to launch in the future, an urgent plan for youth life skills and tourism promotion for better socio-economic integration.
“According to the party’s program established at the time of the founding of social democracy, Parliament greatly welcomes the Royal Project on its crucial role in generalizing social security, consecrating the responsibility of the welfare state, and mitigating instability. Social inequality is maintained from the same source, while welcoming RNI-led government actions in support of historical and efficient materialization of construction sites.
The press release, in this regard, has been mobilized behind HM Mohammed VI in an effort unfolded by all party activists to continue the integration of the pillars of the social state, greatly welcoming the royal initiative and always bold. Guarantee to strengthen pioneers Kingdom leadership on the international arena.
He is also proud of RNI’s political position on the basis of “social democracy in favor of a strong welfare state,” and is determined to undertake a policy of subsidizing many food and products in the process. He says he welcomes the government’s approach. (Electricity, sugar, butane gas) We will provide additional subsidies to common wheat for the purpose of maintaining the purchasing power of citizens.
The same sources also welcome the positive evaluation of the “harmony, commitment and responsibility” -based majority and their actions, which advocate accelerating the implementation of public policies that support unstable social classes. A true example of a social state that enshrines social solidarity.
In addition, the final communiqué said, “We welcome the institutionalization of social dialogue that began shortly after the inauguration of the government. This dialogue is a guarantor of social peace and a committee to continuously monitor the implementation of regulations. The creation of. Taken in this context, “emphasizes the participatory approach that the government followed in this registration, which is a” social partner to all new strategies related to the settlement of complex inherited files. ” Based on “early and prior involvement”.
This document expresses satisfaction with the agreement signed between the Government and the Central Trade Unions in the area of ​​health and education in this regard. The agreement aims to give justice to a large number of civil servants in these areas.
As a completely separate note, the final communiqué of this RNI conference was “The party recognizing the fundamental role of Amagigi in promoting the diversity and affluence of national culture and identity is an opportunity for this conference. And proudly review everything. ” A battle fought by parties inside and outside the parliament to officialize the Amazig language, “he said, but decided to continue his actions to strengthen the basic place of Amazig culture in terms of national identity. is doing.
In addition, returning to the last election, the same source said that this election deadline would allow the party to “legally take full responsibility following three votes in one day within a set deadline. I was able to lead the government. ” It also features a high turnout of over 50%, producing a strong and close majority that draws its legitimacy from the ballot box, the ultimate expression of popular will, and centered on the interest of the public. .. Its priority “.
At the international level, the press release refers to the current situation. Note that this is especially important given the increasing threats associated with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic at the socio-economic level, and that this situation is causing serious changes. It is still shaking the world order, but it is causing a drastic change in geopolitical relations.
And to add one of the examples of the changes that took place, consensus on the profound changes in the expression of the state in the traditional dimension and the observation that state sovereignty can only be done now were confirmed at all levels. Belief Obtained through ownership of an integrated system that integrates our strategic security.
The conference also welcomed the Kingdom of Morocco’s position to respect the Charter of the United Nations, focusing on the development of the situation in certain parts of the world, a scene of tension that threatens international peace and security. , The territory of all member states of the organization and the integrity of the state, and the principle of prohibition of the use of power to resolve disputes between states.
Therefore, in its press release, Parliament called for the promotion of all initiatives and measures in favor of peaceful resolution of the conflict, noting that Morocco was the first country thanks to the High Guidelines Royals. Welcomes the efforts to return to Ukraine. Take your own measures.
The conference, still internationally registered, welcomed Morocco’s continued diplomatic success under the impetus of HM Mohamed VI, the first nation to be strengthened by Morocco’s new perceptions. Sahara within the framework of defense of the cause.
The success of strengthening the pride of the Moroccan people for Sovereign’s visionary and positive vision and the credibility of Moroccan’s sovereignty proposals is before the constant mobilization behind them. In a press release, the party is emphasized by King HM, who defends the territorial integrity of the kingdom.