Record year prize list

What was the yield on life insurance policies in pilot management in 2021? Careful, dynamic, balanced, responsible, sustainable energy … Faced with a variety of profiles, it is dangerous to compare the annual performance of management obligations! But it’s still a good way for savers to get ideas.

If CAC 40 takes off nearly 29% in 2021 and exceeds the limit, can life insurance pilot management obligations bear the comparison? Not perfect. Of the most aggressive management teams, the best with large equity investments are certainly over 20%. But this is far from the norm. Most of the more risky dynamic or aggressive profiles are between 10% and 20% of 2021 progress. Also, a medium or balanced profile looks like about 5% to 8% overall. Some very defensive profiles (thus low risk, invested primarily in the euro) are less than 2%.

Not all pilot management mandates performance in 2021! Cyrille Charter-Kastler, founder of Independent Insurance Prescriber, adds. Indeed, some management companies are missing out on 2021. However, the following statement does not show any negative performance, famous for online life insurance policies, fee cuts, and transparency in financial returns … Some managers are careful not to announce their failures. Is managed. Especially after spending a record year on the stock market. After such a good year, negative performance may indicate a bad choice, favoring Cyril Chartier Castler.

For example, there are no signs of ING Vie pilot management. Is it a bad sign for the customer or an indirect result of the end of ING’s consumer activity in France? Even more surprising, fintechs like Grisbee have chosen not to publish the 2021 performance of pilot-managed Carmignac. Carmignac’s defense profile in Linxea also has negative performance and low returns in other profiles of the same manager, but Carmignac’s obligations (not listed here) are a few clients of this web broker. Is only related to. I support Montsgur Finance. In addition, this is one of the major issues when comparing pilot management performance. Even with a focus on low-cost online life insurance, it is difficult to list everything due to the large number of mandates. This is the main one.

2021 Pilot Management Performance-Web Life Insurance
Agreement Careful profile Balanced profile Dangerous profile
Online bank
BforBank Life

Note: 2.50%

Balance: 6.41%

Dynamic: 10.97%

Aggressive: 14.74%

Brusolama Life Defensive: 1.83% Balance: 5.79%

Reactivity: 7.01%

Dynamic: 8.89%

Aggressive: 5.61%

Fortune Neo Life

Mode: 3.66%

Balance: 8.68% Dynamic: 8.70%
ING life

Be careful:




Dynamic & Offensive:


Monabank Life Premium

Modr: 4.60%

Balance: 8.71% Dynamic: 14.44%
My small investment

Voluntary: 3.45%

Energy: 6.64%

Ambitious: 17.6%

Fearless: 21.4%

Naro Heritage * Risk profile 25:

Normal: 4%

Joint responsibility: 2%

Risk profile 50:

Standard: 8.70%

Joint responsibility: 5.80%

Risk profile 75:

Standard: 13.60%

Joint responsibility: 9.40%


Profile 1: 3.36%

P2: 4.66%

P3: 5.70%

P4: 6.58%

P5: 6.96%

P6: 12.72%

P7: 14.54%

P8: 16.47%

P9: 18.30%

P10: 20.98%

Grisby Life

Careful profile:


Balanced profile:


Dynamic profile:


Yomony life

P2: 3.7%

P3: 4.9%

P4: 6.5%

P5: 8.2%

P6: 9.8%

P7: 12.3%

P8: 14.9%

P9: 17.5%

P10: 22.7%

Online broker
Altaprofits Life

Risk 1: 3.32%

Risk 2: 4.83%

Risk 3: 6.34%

Flexible profile: 1.79%

Risk 4: 7.82%

Risk 5: 9.27%

Profile conviction: 8.48%

White card: 11.27%

Risk 6: 10.83%

Risk 7: 12.10%

Risk 8: 13.40%

Risk 9: 14.24%

Future growth Note: 1.62%

Balance: 1.61%

Dynamic: 1.53%
(Direct placement)

Note 1: 2.53%

Note 2: 3.50%

Note 3: 4.72%

Balance 1: 5.37%

Balance 2: 6.27%

Balance 3: 6.86%

Dynamic 1: 8.97%

Dynamic 2: 9.75%

Responsible choice: 7.43%

Aggressive: 12.30%

Tracker: 10.51%

Digital life

Wealth: 5.96%

Lazard 1: 10.29%

Medical record Blanche: 10.51%

Lazard 2: 14.24%

Lazard 3: 16.25%

Evolution life

Note: 0.69%

Balance: 9.64%

Dynamic: 17.48%

(Individual investor)

Srnit: 3.57%

Note: 5.30%

Comfort: 7.06%

Balance: 9.73%

Dynamic: 16.14%

Boldness: 23.13%

Capital Direct
(Direct placement)

Note: 3.8%

Balance: 9.3%

Dynamic: 12.2%

Medical record Blanche: 14.5%

Link life
Modr: 5.95% Balance: 10.52%

Dynamic: 17.25%

Offensive: 21.23%

Linxea Future Defensive: 3.56% Balance: 5.60%

Dynamic: 7.53%

Aggressive: 8.97%

Linxea Life Defensive: 2.92% Balance: 5.35%

Dynamic: 7.44%

Aggressive: 8.85%

Linxea Spirit Defensive: 3.88% Balance: 5.82%

Dynamic: 7.67%

Aggressive: 9.04%

Linxea Zen Defensive: 3.01% Balance: 5.33%

Dynamic: 7.35%

Aggressive: 8.81%

Highest Liberty Life Rate AAA Modr: 6.11% Admiral G. Flexible: 4.2%

Admiral G. Share: 5.8%

Active AA tonic: 10.14%

Active Offensive AA: 11.63%

Better living investment rate
Defensive Plus: 1.38%
Security Plus: 5.66%
Balance: 7.84%

Dynamic: 11.47%

Offensive: 15.84%

M Life Allowance Strategy
(Highest investment rate)
Note: 4.56% Balance: 8.17%

Aggressive: 12.14%

Dynamic: 19.56%

The power of the future
Modr: 4.22% Balance: 5.43%

Dynamic: 7.38%

Titles @ Life
―――― ――――

Flexible balance: 17.22%

Private management: 10.79%

White card: 11.89%

* Nalo is a special case. FinTech does not provide a general management profile, only a customized one, but conveys general performance so that it can be compared with other managers.

Delegated management: instructions and comparisons

To complete this overview of low-cost life insurance pilot management on the Internet, we need to recall its very recent existence. Arthur (Artur Vie profile released in February 2021), Lamifi (November 2021) or Good vest (Start of life insurance compatible with Paris Goodbye contract in September 2021). Even if you’re delivering virtual performance throughout 2021, seniority isn’t enough to compare to other older contracts.

How to determine if performance is good?

You have the right eternal question to ask yourself: is my pilot management performance good? Problem: Answering this question is very complicated! Beginners will systematically compare with CAC 40Alexis Naacke, Managing Director of Yomoni, confirms. An unfavorable comparison of almost all mandates faced a record of nearly 29% of the 2021 Paris Stock Exchange Index. Last year, CAC 40 outperformed Nasdaq (23%), Dow Jones (19.2%) and DAX 40. (15.8%) or Nikkei (4.9%). And the safer the profile, the more your money will be invested in bonds, at a much lower rate, or even partially in the euro fund of your contract.

Life insurance: 2021 large euro fund rates (from highest to lowest)

In short, when the stock market is at its best … pilot management rarely works that well. But if the stock market runs short, you should get better results. In the long run, Saver may be dissatisfied with pilot management, Judge Cyril Chartier Castler said: If the market is very high, performance will suffer and limit the damage if it falls, which creates disappointment...

Do you need to secure management in the event of a crisis?

Despite the record rise in financial markets in 2021, 2022 was promised to be very uncertain. With the health crisis, the recovery of inflation, the recovery of government borrowing rates … the war in Ukraine and the escalation of finance in particular between Russia and the Western nations clearly strengthens the rescuers of fear.

Whatever the crisis, the manager’s advice is always the same. We strongly recommend that you do not change your risk profile depending on the market! Alexis Naacke of Yomoni insists. Profile changes should always be guided by the evolution of personal projects. That is, he advises you to choose a low-risk profile only if you anticipate that you will need money faster than you expected.

Life insurance, stock markets, Bitcoin … how to protect your savings from the war in Ukraine

How to find your way in the pilot-managed jungle?

Comparing competitors is not easy, admits Alexis Naacke, Managing Director of Yomoni. Without market standards, it would be difficult to determine if our P6 is balanced or dynamic in our own mission.

Life Insurance: Careful, Balanced, Dynamic … How to Choose Pilot Management

The problem of comparison is due to the lack of regulation. What is a conservative profile? Did you invest 50% in the fund in euros? that’s all? Regulators (AMF and ACPR) don’t say so … even if the common poles of these two financial police officers have been thinking about a possible framework for years.

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Second difficulty: Comparing management pilots is a very difficult exercise, and Cyrille Chartier-Kastler is cost effective. In fact, not only because the profile is not standardized, but also because some managers distort the study period by shifting the end of the recorded exercise by a few days.

Cyrille Chartier-Remember the third difficulty emphasized by Kastler: Insurers increase profile types according to the degree of risk, as well as themes such as responsible investment. The proliferation of profiles makes comparisons impossible. It’s hard to understand!

Life Insurance: Is Pilot Management Worth the Cost?