Rebounds in Occitania are no more dashing than elsewhere in France

After investigating thousands of business leaders, the Bank of France announced its 2021 economic results, especially the outlook for 2022. “”The French economy has an incredible ability to recover and is showing vigorous growth.This also applies to Occitania“The institution’s regional director, Stephen Latouche, commented: After a + 7% increase in GDP in 2021 in France, the Bank of France plans to grow + 3.6% in 2022.”The Occitania economy, like the national economy, has shown good resistance to Occitania variants earlier this year.The impact is not zero, but very light“, The leader continues.

Optimists are there, but Stephen Latouch wants to be clear about the health of Occitania’s economy. “”The region is one step below in the recovery of this economy“He guarantees. According to data from the Bank of France, capacity utilization in local industries is estimated to be 76% today (80% in France), compared to 84% before the health crisis.

“This minus 8 point difference can be explained by the situation in the aviation industry. Currently, Occitania operates at 66% of its capacity, but this sector is ours compared to the previous 92%. You can see that it is very present in the territory of Covid-19. That’s why the area is one step down, “explains St├ęphane Latouche.

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Has the aviation sector finally revived?

However, the hole may be partially filled in 2022.Recovery period“As the Bank of France explained, the regional aviation sector is showing the outlook.”individual“In 2022, according to thousands of leaders surveyed.

After a + 5% increase in sales in this sector in 2021, experts in this sector expect a + 13% leap in 2022. “This is in perfect agreement with the gradual increase in production rates announced by major companies in the Airbus and aviation sectors.“Pascal Robert, head of research at the Occitanie branch of the Bank of France, confirms. Nevertheless, this sales growth is driven primarily by industrial players, not dedicated services. This dynamism predicts investment. Aviation players forecast an increase in investment of + 44% in 2022, compared to just + 8% in 2011. At the same time, operating services in the aviation industry. Companies are planning to reduce their investment by -4. 2022%. “This is something to keep in mind as service players represent far less investment and amount than in the industry.“, Makes Pascal Robert angry.

On the labor side, the outlook for these positive activities is reflected in the return to employment. The number of aviation employees, including temporary workers, could decrease by -54% in 2021, including temporary workers, and then increase by + 52% in 2022. Without considering temporary workers, the bosses in this sector expect a + 4% increase in the workforce in 2022, after recording a -9% decrease in 2021.

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Occitania’s overall business growth

Overall, Occitania’s industry will return to industrial work growth (+ 2.4% in 2022) after a bleeding in 2021 (-1.9%). “”Many social plans announced in 2020 came into effect only in the past year“, Justify St├ęphane Latouche.

These job creations are closely linked to sales growth estimated by industry Occitanie leaders to + 6.8% in 2022, compared to + 7.0% in 2021. 8.4% in 2022 in this area. The construction industry is expected to grow by + 3.9% this year, despite a nationwide slowdown in real estate construction.

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