real estate. How to find a home insurance that meets all your needs?


Home insurance covers your place of residence and your belongings in the event of a problem. Required in some cases. If not, I still highly recommend it. You are responsible for paying compensation if damage occurs or is caused and is not adequately insured.

Who is covered by home insurance?

Home insurance is associated with different profiles.

  • tenant : As a tenant, home insurance is mandatory. If you do not submit your health insurance card, you may be issued a formal notice.
  • Tenants of company accommodation or seasonal rental properties : Home insurance is not mandatory.
  • Occupied owner : Home insurance is not mandatory if you are the owner, unless you share it. Therefore, if you do not have insurance, you will be responsible for the costs of making a claim.
  • Non-resident owner (PNO) : Home insurance is not required, but highly recommended. Required for shared properties.
  • landlord : As a lender, you may be held liable if you incur losses due to lack of maintenance of your accommodation, for example. After that, you can take out civil liability insurance and take out PNO type insurance.

Guarantee covered by home insurance

Home insurance must include a civil liability guarantee that covers property damage and physical injury caused to a third party who is not living with you. It is effective both at home and outdoors.

The multi-risk home formula (most covered) guarantees compensation for new equipment. Therefore, it includes a basic warranty.

  • Property damage (damage, loss or destruction of your personal property);
  • Vandalism (property damage if your home is destroyed);
  • Theft (against the risk of theft from your home);
  • Tue;
  • Broken glass (if windows, windows, doors are cracked or broken);
  • Flood;
  • Natural disasters ;
  • flood ;
  • etc

In addition to the basic warranty, you can choose options as needed. This is not only unpaid rent compensation (for example, in the case of the landlord) to compensate if the tenant stops paying rent, but also support compensation to provide advice in case of request, or a third party. Benefit from advice in the event of a dispute with. As an option, you can also insure outdoor equipment: swimming pools, balconies, etc.


It is up to you to consider your needs to choose the warranty that suits your situation.

Find the best home insurance at the best prices

In France, the average price of home insurance is € 179 per year for apartments and € 248 per year for homes.

To cover your needs and find the best insurance that costs you the least, there are online insurance comparators like those offered by insurance brokerage specialist Assurland. A simple, fast and free tool. All you have to do is provide some information such as the type of accommodation (apartment or house), your status (owner or tenant), the effective date of insurance, the surface area or zip code of the accommodation. That is the accommodation.

You can then subscribe directly online for even more convenience. It’s instant and contracts are generally cheaper than agencies.