Ranking of the highest degrees in economics and economic and social administration in 2022

What is the highest degree in economics and economic and social administration? L’Etudiant has ranked 62 French universities offering this training. Paris-Est Créteil University comes first.

Economics and Economic and Social Administration (AES) licenses include: Over 170,000 students at 62 French universities between 2020 and 2021.. What are the potential successes depending on the facility you choose? Which university is best for student progress and support for success in economics and AES?

In the ranking of the highest degrees in economics and AES, by university, Success rate for 4 years as well as 3 years for students who first enrolled in L1 in 2016. Go to the end of the ranking to find a detailed analysis.

What is the highest degree in economics and AES by the university?

Paris-Est Créteil University rises to number one In the ranking of students with the highest degree in economics and economic and social administration, the success rate for three years is 45.5%. The University of Rennes 1 is followed by 45.3%... Gustav Eiffel University ranked third with a 42.9% rate.. A particularly high score is due to the fact that on average less than one in three students have a three-year college license.

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Advanced AES licensed student

Student observed Three-year success rate for each training to build this ranking. With st-block-3, you can also check the pass rate for 4 years and the added value of the facility. The added value is the difference between the success rate initially expected by the Ministry of Higher Education and the final observed success rate. Expected rates are based on the social characteristics of the students enrolled and indicators such as the average obtained with a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, high added value indicates the ability of the university to advance students.

The Rennes 2 University, which ranks 7th in the ranking, stands out with added value of nearly 15 points, for example... This good score is often due to student support through additional modules, tutoring, or personalized courses.

Bachelor’s degree success rankings are interactive. Click on the criteria and rank the college accordingly, And hover your mouse over the university to see how many students are enrolled in economics and AES licenses. If you want to enroll in college on a human scale, or if you want to welcome a large number of students, the numbers can certainly guide your choice.

Top 10 Best AES Licenses by Universities

Rank probability 3 year success rate Added value to succeed in 3 years Success rate in 3 or 4 years Added value to succeed in 3 or 4 years
1 University of Paris-EST Créteil 45.5 12 60.5 11.9
2 University of Rennes 1 45.3 –0.7 61.8 1.8 1.8
Four Clermont-Fergne University 40.6 9.4 51.9 8.3
Five University of Paris 39.6 6.1. 53.9 4.4 4.4
6 Southern Brittany University 39.3 4.9 54.7 5.2.
7 Rennes 2 University 39.3 14.6 47 47 9
8 University of Poitiers 38 5.8 48.5 1.5 1.5
9 Paris 1 University 37.8 –0.8 56.8 3.3 3.3
Ten University of Saint-Etienne 36.9 12.4 43.9 8