Quality Assurance in Higher Education: The Ministry of Higher Education and Research signs a framework agreement between the Dutch and Flemish institutions NVAO.


(From left to right) Claude Maish, Minister of Higher Education and Research. Wouter Duyck, Vice President of Netherlands-Flemish Agency NVAO (Netherlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie)

(From left to right) Claude Maish, Minister of Higher Education and Research. Wouter Duyck, Vice President of Netherlands-Flemish Agency NVAO (Netherlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie)

The NVAO agency, which is very active on an international scale, has worked with the Luxembourg authorities several times in the past. In particular, the recent status of the University of Luxembourg’s external assessment (2021), within the framework of the joint accreditation process for private higher education institutions and their programs.

With the signed framework agreement, the parties will take a progressive approach to establish an integrated and consistent quality assurance system applicable to all public and private diploma training issued within the scope of higher education. We promise to cooperate for the purpose under the seal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This new quality assurance system will be reworked in a holistic manner and will be fixed in the revised legal framework related to higher education as stipulated in the 2018-2023 Government Program.

“Education can only achieve its goals if it meets the highest possible qualitative requirements. This goal is to make children and adolescents independent, critical and at the same time formally competent. To be a citizen. The quality of education is at all levels, and therefore, by a framework agreement signed today and with an initial action plan for the next 10 months, especially among all the standards of quality of higher education in Luxemburg. In the signing ceremony, Minister of Education and Research Claude Maish declared: “The agreed plan I welcome is certainly very ambitious, but it Is definitely done well. “

Wouter Duyck, Vice President of NVAO, explains: This innovative position has not been overlooked. We are proud that Luxembourg has selected us as a privileged partner. This will allow us to share our experience and help build an integrated quality assurance system for higher education in collaboration with the Luxembourg NVAO. Luxembourg also helps us think about the methodological evolution of quality assurance systems in our own jurisdiction. Benelux is part of the quest for borderless quality assurance within a consistent European policy framework that promotes Mobi. Internationality. “

The choice of institutions that the Ministry of Higher Education and Research has decided to cooperate in an integrated way to evaluate the provision of higher education in Luxemburg is in fact based on the long history of cooperation of the Benelux countries, especially in the areas of mutuality. Diploma Approval (Benelux Decision on 18 May 2015 and 25 January 2018; Multilateral Convention on Automatic Mutual Approval of Higher Education Diploma Levels Between Benelux and Baltic Countries on 14 September 2021) .. In addition, the three countries are working together at other levels, especially at the technical level, such as within the framework of international working groups such as the Bologna Process Follow-up Group.

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