Purchasing power, retirement, taxes … Emmanuel Macron details his economic program

Current head of state Emmanuel Macron, a candidate for reelection, detailed his proposal on the economic side.

Big oral time. Emmanuel Macron announced a presidential election program in Aubervilliers this Thursday. The candidate for reelection, the President of the Republic, detailed his proposal, especially on the economic side. Inheritance rights, social assistance, pension reform … The outline of the main economic measures taken by Emmanuel Macron is as follows.

It should be noted that the retiring president estimates the cost of his program for presidential elections at 50 billion euros a year, which will bring a tax cut of 15 billion euros a year, half to households and half to businesses. there is.


> Full employment within 5 years

The current head of state is aiming for full employment within five years. It is an “achievable” and “realistic” goal, “consisting of doing what we have done in the next five years, the past five years.”

To that end, Emmanuel Macron wants to “pool all the know-how” and create a one-stop shop by transforming “Paul Amplois en France Travel”. To achieve full employment, candidates also want to continue reforming unemployment insurance and establish rules that “further promote their return to employment.”

> Make RSA beneficiaries work

In addition, he also hopes that RSA beneficiaries will be required to work 15-20 hours a week, “to be able to proceed towards professional integration, either integration or employment.” is. Not only Valerie Pécrès, but also a proposal by Nicolas Sarkozy just 10 years ago.


> 65 years of legal age

Emmanuel Macron confirms that he wants to raise his legal age to 65 in the second term, taking into account “long careers”, “disability issues” and “work and work reality”. did. correct”.

In addition, the presidential candidate reiterated that he wanted to “end the special system” and introduce a retirement pension of at least € 1,100. The head of state believes that “the macroeconomic situation is not the same” and “Japan will continue to change” and wants to implement “reforms different from 2017”.


> € 15 billion tax cut

“For the next five years, I promise € 15 billion in tax cuts for half-households and half-businesses,” the candidate said Thursday, guaranteeing that he would also abolish CVAE. The so-called production tax, which currently brings € 7 billion annually.

This tax cut is much lower than the tax cut proposed in 2017, as Emmanuel Macron expected a tax cut of € 32 billion.

Purchasing power

> Encourage the purchase of electric vehicles

Candidates propose to set up a “leasing mechanism to support the most modest households to enable vehicle migration.” The goal is to make electric vehicles accessible to as many people as possible.

The head of state also wants to build a 100% French electric vehicle development industry.

> Abolition of audiovisual license fees

Emmanuel Macron confirmed that he would like to remove the audiovisual fee of € 138 in the second phase. Measures also proposed by Valerie Pécrès (LR), Marine Le Pen (RN) and Eric Zemmour (reconquest).

> Triple Macron Bonus

In his speech, the candidate said he would like to triple the “Macron Bonus” limit and rename it to “Purchasing Power Bonus” on that occasion. This bonus can reach “3000 euros per year, compared to the current 1000 euros, subject to signing a profit sharing agreement”. Last year, nearly 4 million employees received this extraordinary Purchasing Power Bonus (PEPA) of an average of € 506.

> Payment of social assistance by “tax withholding”

Emmanuel Macron has promised to automatically pay social assistance “at the source”. According to him, this is RSA, Activity bonus, housing assistance or family allowance. According to him, the promise to be able to fight fraud has already been made in 2017.

Inheritance right

Like all other presidential candidates, Emmanuel Macron wants Reduce inheritance tax..Theme that established its position as One of the main topics In the countryside.

In detail, the candidate wants to increase the allowance for direct line inheritance from the current € 100,000 to € 150,000. It also promises to expand the direct heir system to the children of the spouse. Regarding indirect inheritance, Emmanuel Macron wants to increase the reduction to 100,000 euros for small and medium-sized real estate.