President: “Eric Zemmour is Emmanuel Macron’s life insurance,” says Thierry Mariani.

“Everyone was expecting it, right? I asked Eric Zemmour at LCI on Wednesday about the many asylums recorded by the National Rally in recent weeks, especially MEP Nicolas Bay. , Marine Le Pen disguised as indifferent. And it would be a shame if the latest polls suggest crossing curves. The second round of the Paris Match, LCI and Sud Radio Ifop polls released Friday. Controversy (16.5%) confronts Emmanuel Macron (25%) and is slightly ahead of President RN (16%). Guest of “Bonjour chezvous” Monday morning, Public Sénat morning, Marine Le Pen spokesman Thierry Mariani wanted to remember that the latter was a great place to defeat the retiring president in the second round. “Eric Zemmour is Emmanuel Macron’s life insurance,” he warned.

Still, how can I explain the rally in a series? In addition to Nicolas Bay, there have been MEP Gilbert Collard, Senator Stephane Ravier, and more recently Jean-Marie Le Pen’s loyal Loran de Saint-Afrik in recent weeks. At the end of January, Marine Le Pen’s niece Marion Maréchal confessed to Figaro that she had “leaned” to the controversialists without expressing her clear support. Should she see a backlash from the demonization strategy after Marine Le Pen takes over the reins of her party?

“Eric Zemmour has a difficult position.”

“There is no denial of RN, but a candidate to create a reliable program,” denies Thierry Mariani. “This was a big difference between Marine Le Pen and her father, who I had never endorsed, and I couldn’t trust it in my opinion. Eric Zemmour was more lyrical than concrete. “I have a program,” he adds, believing that the success of the controversialist is largely due to his “talent for the formula.” “If you want to have fun, listen to Eric Zemmour’s speech, if you want to win, you’re with Marine Le Pen. In politics, problems are possible. I’m not having fun,” continued former Minister Nicolas Sarkozy.

“When you want to collect 50% of the French, that means you don’t provoke some of them. Eric Zemmour has a nasty position and his discourse on the first name is very nasty. Marine Le Pen hasn’t given up. She may be softening her speech, “he admits.

Thierry Mariani believes that Pas-de-Calais parliamentarians have matured after three presidential elections. In preparation for this deadline, who now knows the numbers exactly, knows his files, and is facing reality, “he continues.

Sponsorship: “There really is a fire in the house”

However, there is still a big step to climb Marine Le Pen before putting yourself on the starting line of the race at Elysee. A collection of 500 sponsorships from elected officials. For the time being, the candidate counter, which is regularly updated by the Constitutional Council, is limited to 366 signatures. Worried numbers when applicants know they need to collect the required number of sponsors by March 4th. “We will start general mobilization today. All elected officials of RN will be asked to take a list of mayors and call them all day,” the candidate entered the competition by Eric. Thierry Mariani admits that he is partially suffering warns Zemur (291 signatures). “The house really has a fire, but there is no psychodrama. »»

“There is a kind of terrorism in the local government,” our guests blame. “I lived in this area. At night, I was greeted by as many mayors as the resistance soldiers fled. What do you know?” He reports. “Why? The mayor told me: I support you […] But our agglomeration is being held, for example, by Christian Estrosi. If I call you to vote, I will pay it in a grant. Thierry Mariani welcomes François Bayle’s idea of ​​establishing a “sponsorship bank” for candidates who have reached 10% in polls. But too late suggestion: “I appeal to Mr. Byle. Please tell me the address and phone number of the counter! »»