Plugin Hybrid Insurance: Prices, Quotes, Comparisons


Today’s plug-in hybrid vehicles represent an interesting compromise in terms of road performance, range and comfort. What is the most appropriate car insurance policy and how to find the formula at the best price? Below is a complete renewal of the plug-in hybrid insurance by

What is a plug-in hybrid vehicle?

A plug-in hybrid vehicle is a combination of a traditional combustion engine and one or more electric motor blocks. Therefore, it can operate in 100% electric mode until the battery runs out and the combustion engine takes over.

The cruising range of plug-in hybrid vehicles is not comparable to that of all-electric vehicles. It can travel perfectly cleanly over distances of over 40km. This is enough distance to complete most trips in an urban environment.


The battery can then be recharged at a public terminal or household outlet.


How to insure a plug-in hybrid vehicle?

Car insurance is a legal requirement for driving a plug-in hybrid vehicle on public roads and other types of vehicles. Vehicle owners must be liable for civil liability, at least within the scope of third party insurance. In reality, this contract will cover damages incurred by other vehicles and road users, but not damages incurred by the vehicle. Plug-in hybrid vehicles save fuel, but are more complex to design than traditional vehicles. Their higher value inevitably affects the amount of plug-in hybrid premiums.

What is the warranty for plug-in hybrid insurance?

If your plug-in hybrid vehicle is still recent, we do not recommend having a third party insurance policy. In the event of a responsible claim, you will not be able to benefit from compensation for significant damages and therefore you are at risk of significant financial loss.

Extended third-party insurance for plug-in hybrids can provide first-level protection, which is especially useful, along with guarantees such as:

  • Glass breakage (destructive behavior, accidentally broken windshield, etc.);
  • Fires and explosions (accidents or malicious acts);
  • Flight.

You can also rely on plug-in hybrid insurance for all risks to benefit from optimal coverage. In addition to the previous warranty, it may include, for example, 24/7 support services or a personal warranty for possible physical injury to the driver.

A more responsible choice for the environment

Thanks to those two sources of energy, plug-in hybrid vehicles are more economical and especially less polluting. It consumes 10-30% less fuel than traditional cars. In addition, its CO2 emissions are reduced by a third.

How much does a plug-in hybrid car insurance cost?

The following table shows a comparison of insurance quotes for plug-in hybrid vehicles that are best suited for different vehicle models. The advertised rates apply only to the personal use of individuals who live in Lyon and drive 15,000 km per year, with a closed garage and a 50% bonus.