Placement Direct Vie is a combination of life insurance and the stock market

Invest in stocks on stock exchanges around the world through life insurance: This is a great novelty of the Placement-direct Vie contract, which will take over the Darjeeling contract Gold Trophy for Revenue in 2021.

Buy stocks from the world’s major stock exchanges and invest in life insurance policies. This is a new contract offered by a Placement-direct internet broker insured by Swiss Life.

There were already a few life insurance policies open to direct action, but placement direct Vie goes a step further.

Wall Street and the Asian Stock Exchange

The agreement will give access to CAC 40 (French Stock Exchange), DAX (German) and Eurostoxx 50 (Europe) shares, as well as Dow Jones and Nasdaq (US Stock Exchange) and Nikkei (Japan). Will be. ) And Hang Seng, which is part of the Korean Stock Exchange. Unprecedented in consumer contracts! The agreement provides access to a total of more than 300 shares from around the world.

Great feat for insurer Swiss Life and broker placement-direct welcome income. In fact, in life insurance contracts, referring to direct action (also called “raw securities” in insurance company jargon) is not an easy task. Equity volatility can fluctuate in days or hours, so you need to be able to provide liquidity quickly.

For the Placement Direct Vie contract, “If the order arrives before noon, the Asian stock market will start at D + 1 in the evening due to the time difference,” explains managing director Gilles Belloir. To do. Placement

Favorable taxation of life insurance

Are you interested in seeing all these actions in your life insurance policy? “It was a request from our investors, Gilles Belloir continues. And it seemed interesting to us to go to a foreign stock exchange to diversify our investment.”

Another major advantage of housing stocks within the scope of life insurance is the favorable taxation of foreign stocks that are not specifically covered by the Stock Savings Plan (PEA).

You will not be taxed unless you make a withdrawal. Also, if the contract period is 8 years, you can redeem for up to € 4,600 per year without paying a penny tax (social security contributions must be paid at the time of withdrawal).

1,300 unit accounts

“It’s a Darjeeling contract, but it’s better,” he adds. By adding this new string to its bow with 300 direct actions, this placement direct Vie contract provides access to a total of over 1,300 accounts, the Classic UCITS, making it the most complete life insurance policy on the market. It will be one. Funds, bond funds, flexible funds, etc.), ETFs, real estate funds, private equity funds.

Icing on the cake, his cost went down again. “We wanted to offer the lowest possible rates,” says Gilles Belloir. Free management is 0.60% for euro-denominated funds, 0.50% for traditional unit-linked support, and 0.80% for ETFs and direct equities. As with all internet broker contracts, there are no payment or arbitration fees.

I want to know: Darjeeling contract, awarding gold trophy income Although new subscriptions have been unavailable for several years, their owners can make new deposits, arbitrage transactions and withdrawals if they so desire. Unfortunately, you can’t transfer it to a new Placement-direct Vie contract.

In 2021, income Those who follow the quotas recommended by the Darjeeling contract will have a careful profile of + 5.40% (80% with euro funds, 20% per account) and a balanced profile with a “60/40” strategy. Earned + 9.80% of the income, that is, 60% was invested in the fund in euros and 40% was invested on an account basis.