Pays de la Loire: He sacrifices his car to stop the speeder and his insurance refuses to refund him

Charlie explodes 4L by blocking the way to the fugitive at La Chapelle de Marais
Charlie explodes 4L by blocking the way to the fugitive at La Chapelle de Marais (© DR)

“I feel deep injustice. This story eats me up. »»

28-year-old Charlie does not digest.

It’s not very academic, but he’s now in trouble because he succeeded in blocking the escape of the two speeders.

“But I have accomplished the act of a citizen,” he rages.

On Thursday, February 3, 2022, this resident of Saint-Nazaire will attend a pancake night with friends at La Chapelle de Marais (Loire-Atlantique) in the Briere region.

“For me, the cyclist was dead.”

At 10:30 pm, Charlie goes back on the road with his beloved 1986 Renault 4 L Savan “Simone,” which he bought about a year ago (“I really like this kind of old-fashioned car.” , I feel the steering wheel swaying “, a man who makes young people smile).

While crossing the village, he sees a cyclist being struck by a Peugeot partner in the distance, in front of him.

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“The cyclist was thrown very high forward and then his head hit the ground. To me he was dead.”


Nevertheless, the partner is heading in the direction of Charlie without slowing down.

The latter is placed across the “Simone” to stop their escape.

The clash is cruel, his 4 liters are dead, and the van is dead.

Beaten by a fugitive

This was followed by oral and then physical quarrels with the two residents.

Charlie receives some punches and shoots the scene.

“They were trying every possible way to get my phone back, so I had to throw it away. The youngest even tried to light the cardboard and light his car. It was surreal, says Nazaian. Meanwhile, the victim lay still on the ground in the middle of the road. »»

As the neighborhood begins to emerge, the duo decides to walk away.

Despite the intervention of the Gendarme and Dog Brigade, the two men managed to blend in at night.

However, the elements found in the van and video made it possible to direct the investigation.

He was deported, he’s wrong …

A 19-year-old young cyclist who had quit his job at a restaurant was hospitalized.

He suffers from a head injury and has a broken anterior tooth.

Charlie was shocked when he was prescribed a five-day ITT for the blow he received.

“The repulsion was terrible. The next day I was trembling. I couldn’t sleep.”

His insurance call will give him other cold sweats.

The highway code doesn’t care about the situation. Charlie is responsible because he is out of the lane.

From the Good Samaritan, he becomes a traffic offender.

He was spending 4,500 euros on a 4L, but he doesn’t see a penny.

To make matters worse, in theory, the two fugitives could turn their backs on him and claim compensation.

“It’s still an upside-down world,” protests Nazairien, who is currently in financial difficulty.

Solidarity Kitty on the Internet

“I don’t have the money to buy a car anymore. I need it to find my job,” explains this former Turner Miller, who retrained to become a production engineer.

A friend launched a kitten on the internet to help him.

Over 4,000 euros have already been collected.

Gifts from victims

“Three-quarters of them are people I don’t know and are often from Briere. Even young victims wanted to donate. I’m very impressed,” says Charlie without regrets.

“If I can do it, I will do it again. Without my intervention, they would have disappeared into the wild and would not have been identified.

Kittens in support of Charlie “La Chapelle de Marais: He bets his life to arrest two fugitives” are available on the website.

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