Paris: Ubigreen continues to develop

Ubigreen, a French prop tech specializing in building performance, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022 and continues to develop to help businesses and communities specifically reduce their environmental impact.

Managing tertiary real estate assets covers two major challenges. One is economical. The second challenge is the company’s second spending item, and the second challenge is managing the evolution to the building to meet the needs of the occupants. The best hybrid work experience.

How does Ubigreen propose to address that challenge?

Thanks to the reduced energy consumption of the building, we will reduce the company’s overall real estate footprint through workspace optimization while providing new services to residents.

Ubigreen, a pioneer since 2012, is in harmony with the times. While companies need to address the challenges of tertiary legislation, the health crisis is accelerating the transition to Flex Office and systematic telework, while Ubigreen is concrete to reduce the overall environmental impact. Solution. Focus on the new Saas and IoT and intelligent solutions for this French SME.

“” If it was our wish to be able to track all the information about the energy consumption of a building 10 years ago, today’s challenge goes far beyond that. Based on new technologies, we have created a wide range of innovative web applications to control the operational performance of enterprise and community sites. Our ergonomic and easy-to-use tools allow organizations to better manage their energy consumption and workspace use. With Ubigreen, employees can book offices and parking spaces, check room air quality, and report as needed with just a few clicks. In 10 years, 150 public or private organizations have chosen Ubigreen to combine environmentally friendly buildings with workplace welfare. Ubigreen co-founder Julien Meriaudeau explains.

Ubigreen Energy: How to reduce energy consumption in buildings?

Currently, the Tertiary Law requires companies that own tertiary buildings over 1,000 square meters to declare their energy consumption. To address this, Ubigreen Energy offers three specific solutions:

??Measures and reduces the energy cost of the entire real estate and supports compliance with the Third Law (Energy Management)

?? Target energy savings (air conditioning, heating, electricity, etc.) by remote reading of consumption by using and monitoring CPE (smart metering)

?? Maintenance management and planning (maintenance)

Ubigreen accompanies large groups such as Société Générale, Ramsay Santé, Icade, as well as AP HP (Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris) and local governments (Toulouse Metropolis, Toulouse Metropolis, etc.).

“As part of our regulatory obligations, we have upgraded Ubigreen Energy to add the ability to meet the requirements of tertiary legislation on a point-by-point basis, such as determining the base year, tracking the evolution of work plans, and more. There is a new feature that allows you to make declarations automatically on the OPERAT platform. “Julian Meliodeau says.

Ubigreen Workspace: To optimize your workspace … often empty!

Launched in 2018, the Ubigreen Workplace solution was aimed at addressing the evolution of work methods that were already in the midst of a revolution. The Covid-19 health crisis has accelerated these new approaches, especially the flex office driven by the generalization of telework.

RTT, holidays, travel, meetings, external missions, confinement, telework … Many offices are (too) open for days a year. The annual cost of the workstation is € 11,000, which makes it a substantive yet optimizable budget. Ubigreen Workspace helps support

– Managers to reduce costs

– Employees optimize workplace well-being.

Specifically, Ubigreen Workspace allows you to:

?? Use the connected sensor to measure the occupancy of offices, conference rooms, etc. (smart office)

?? Manage reservable spaces (workspaces, company restaurants, parking lots) with just a few clicks and manage internal communication (My Workspace application)

?? Improve employee comfort, especially by measuring air quality and CO2 levels (comfort)

?? Simplify management of employee improvement requests (help desk)

“FlexOffice isn’t new. To keep up with this trend, I’ve been working on designing applications that can meet all your needs, not just workspace reorganization, but also parking space and catering management. We encouraged our new way of working and reminded us that it is important to combine happiness with quality of life at work. We are to meet the daily needs of managers and employees. In addition to occupying the workstation in real time, the new solution allows you to manage different types of space reservations, and the following features allow you to directly manage telework and its organization. .. Julien Meriaudeau concludes.

About Ubi Green

Founded in 2012, Ubigreen is a software publisher specializing in building operational performance. Turnkey digital solutions for optimizing building performance are specifically targeted at higher education institutions and communities, combining two complementary offers: Ubigreen Workspace and Ubigreen Energy. The first allows you to manage and optimize workspace use, and the second allows you to optimize building energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

With the ambition to accelerate the transition of businesses and communities to the environment and optimize the performance of tertiary industry buildings, Ubigreen is a key player in the sector. Over a decade, Ubigreen has more than 50 employees on three sites (Toulouse, Paris and Aubagne) and has more than 100 customer references and solutions in 20 countries.

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