Paris: “How to solve the French state, economic and social equations”?

On the eve of the big elections, this two-voice conference provides an accurate and original diagnosis of the state of the country and the desired reforms that result from it.

It’s no coincidence that purchasing power and deindustrialization targets were invited to this campaign. The choice of development models based on consumption and service rather than production has led to a surge in unqualified jobs and a shortage of well-paid and skilled jobs. Therefore, the heightened frustration represented by the permanence of the country’s very obvious social tensions. However, against the backdrop of low tariff policies, the call for training turned out to be largely an illusion. In the post-Covid situation, in the face of new ecological and digital challenges that are radically changing the situation, past ineffective recipes are no more useful than ever. But there is no necessity. A redefinition of public health intervention that focuses on investment and education and not on redistribution will solve most of the equations.

The conference will be held from the large hall of the French Institute and will be held live via the Zoom platform.

“In front of Antoine Frérot, CEO of Veolia and President of Institut del’Entreprise.”

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Ask questions and participate in the debate by registering with Jerome Fruquet and Matilde Lemoine. Emmanuel Cugny, President of AJEF and columnist of Franceinfo, and Philippe Plasmasart, Vice President of AJEF and Editor-in-Chief of Nouvel Économiste, will take over.

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Chaired by Franceinfo columnist and radio TV columnist Emmanuel Cugny, Ajef is one of the oldest journalist associations in France. Its 50th anniversary was celebrated in 2007. Currently, we have about 100 members from all media (written coverage, radio, television, websites). It has two purposes. Participate in educational activities to provide journalists with a better understanding of increasingly complex issues. Helping them avoid ethical deviations, sometimes despite subtle pressures.

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