Paris: France’s AgriTech in the limelight at SIA

New initiatives and announcements for digital and innovation in the agricultural world.

Minister of Agriculture

Since the International Agricultural Show, Minister of Agriculture and Food Julian Denormandy, along with Secretary of State Cedric O for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, has updated the dynamic “French Agritech” with the La Ferme Digital Association. It offers. Having just submitted a list of ecosystem needs, the Minister has announced new actions in the heart of France in 2030, in line with the goal of accelerating the development of innovative solutions that serve food sovereignty. .. All of these efforts have created the French AgriTech agenda and roadmap for “agriculture and digital”, which are already underway with stakeholders. Innovation plays an important role in addressing our agricultural challenges in the Third Agricultural Revolution, and especially in terms of transition. The startup ecosystem has a complete role to play in this revolution. France has experienced very strong momentum in the AgriTech and FoodTech sectors and is one of the leaders in Europe. However, there are still many challenges to deploying solutions to support companies in this sector and serve food chain players. In the face of this observation, France 2030, which offers € 2.3 billion dedicated to agriculture and the “French AgriTech” dynamics launched on August 30 and 31, 2021, builds and develops collective efforts. It should be possible to promote and enhance innovative players. And deploy their solutions to farmers. Six months after the launch of this dynamics, Jérôme Le Roy, chairman of the La Ferme Digitale Association, said with a list created in the ecosystem of French start-ups in agriculture and food to accelerate the “French AgriTech” dynamics. Presented the needs. Therefore, in response to these expectations, nearly 30 actions were taken. They are the subject of the French AgriTech Agenda presented by the Minister at Salon de l’Agriculture.

Two important actions taken by the Minister in it:

Creating the French Technology AGRI20 program specifically for AgriTech and FoodTech start-ups led by the French technology mission

The program benefits selected 20 companies and provides support for national services, thanks to a network of “French technical correspondents”, both in international development, enhanced visibility, and support for problem regulation. To do. Application recruitment is aimed at selecting start-ups that are capable of delivering breakthrough innovations and deploying them on a large scale, whether they are services or products. All economic models of digital, industrial, or life are considered to integrate all profiles of Agritech start-ups.

The “Agriculture and Digital” roadmap presented seven priorities.

1. Strengthen digital technology and training grounds in agricultural education and advice
2. Mobilize agricultural research and development on the use of digital for agroecological transition
3. Protect and develop data management
4. Support AgriTech companies in the process of innovation and industrialization
5. Help AgriTech manufacturers remove regulatory barriers
6. Create digital value in the food chain
7. Support France’s AgriTech to help farmers build the tools they need.

The entire roadmap and action details are available on the Ministry of Agriculture and Food website. Finally, this new French AgriTech agenda benefits from the measures initiated within the framework of France 2030.

Therefore, since November, we have gained access to € 200 million by calling twice for projects that support the innovation of AgriTech and FoodTech companies.

Project Call: “Innovations for a Successful Agroecological Transition” (link)
Project Call: “Tomorrow’s Food Demand” (link)

For Julian Donormandy, Minister of Agriculture and Food: “From R & D centers to our plates, including farms, innovation and digital play an integral role in the Third Agricultural Revolution. These are what we develop for more sustainable agriculture and climate change. It is a powerful tool that makes it more resilient to impacts, more competitive and pursuing its nourishing mission. Therefore, agriculture develops innovative solutions and deploys them to farmers. With over 2.8 billion euros invested to fund the country, it is at the heart of France’s 2030 plan. At the heart of this entire innovation ecosystem, France’s AgriTech start-up is a digital development in agriculture. It is an important asset that needs to be fully supported in a more general context. This is the first time the government has promised to support innovation with farmers and the actions of the farm room. “French AgriTech” I’m happy to see the dynamic movement of the player continue and grow thanks to the player’s determination and the full support of the government. »»

For Cedric O: “France is becoming one of the world’s leading technologies. There were three unicorns in 2017 and now 26. Within FrenchTech, with the emergence of pioneering starters in the food industry, French AgriTech’s move is becoming more and more important. Futures such as Ynsect and Innovafeed, as well as connected agriculture like Ombréa. By combining French technological innovation with the power of the agricultural sector, France will be agriculture and tomorrow. You can be at the forefront of food in France. The launch of a new “French Tech Agri20” support program piloted by the French technology mission is essential to accelerate the digital transition and competitiveness of the French agricultural sector. .. »»