Paris 2024 Olympics-Regional companies seize economic opportunities!

For the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics, French companies will have considerable financial opportunities and hundreds of contracts will be announced in many areas of activity. This year, half of the public market, or € 1 billion in commercial opportunities, will be deprived. Open to all companies, Paris 2024 has two dedicated platforms so that as many people as possible can apply and contribute to the success of the Games. Entreprises 2024 for VSE / SME and ESS 2024 for enterprises in a social solidarity economy.

Participate in the creation of the infrastructure and services needed for the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics

Hosting the world’s largest event is a challenge. Two and a half years after the 2024 Games in Paris, the Organizing Committee is in the operational stage of the project. This is a real challenge to meet to reach the best expected 15,000 athletes and 10,000 media.

Do this, Paris 2024 will start 50% of public contracts this year. This represents a billion euros of economic opportunities open to all businesses... The market is relevant to all sectors of activity: Athlete Village Catering, Cleaning, Waste Management, Security, Sporting Goods, Furniture, Transportation, Signs, Ceremony …

Paris 2024 is giving itself a means, not forgetting the companies of the social solidarity economy, so that as many companies as possible can contribute to it and involve large and small companies as well. Mobilize the entire French economic structure by setting up two dedicated platforms, Entreprises 2024 and ESS 2024...

20% Already signed a contract

is more than 1,300 Company, 71 71 The French province is already working on the Olympic venue. 2/3 VSE / SME

130 Social and solidarity economic structure has already won one or more contracts

Two platforms that facilitate access to economic and social opportunities

Thanks to the Entreprises 2024 and ESS 2024 platforms-completely free, More than 20,000 companies have already been referenced (17,000 for Entreprises 2024, 4,500 for ESS 2024), making it easier to identify major public clients. These platforms centralize all bid calls, advise companies on how to enter the market, and present a collaboration model to encourage groups of SMEs in responding to the market. What’s more, this “sourcing” task gives you an accurate picture of the highly competitive world of Paris 2024. To adapt to the small business ecosystem and better integrate them.

Don’t hesitate to access the following two platforms.

Want to know more about the Olympic Village?

The Olympic Village and its schedule no longer hold secrets for you! Watch this two-minute animated video of the Olympic Village project across the municipalities of Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine and Lilsandoni, which vibrates to the rhythm of the Olympic Games. And in 2024 it will be the Paralympic Games and a real neighborhood to live in from 2025.

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