Overwhelming expertise in health insurance

Published Wednesday, March 2, 2022 at 7:34 pm.

“Public Health Issues”: Health insurance doctors were introduced by two Marseille dentists who tried from Monday for enriching themselves behind “safety” by cutting hundreds of patients. I drew a terrible portrait of the “system”.

Sophie Rugieri, head of the Bouches-du-Rhone litigation department at the time of the incident, reported clinically accurately on the two-year investigation and expertise of her department in the Gezi Cabinet, upstream of the judicial investigation. ..

Lionel Gezi, 41, and his father, Carnot Gezi, 70, have been charged with “fraud” and “intentional violence that causes mutilation or permanent disability.” They are at risk of 10 years in prison.

“Given the scale of the phenomenon, we can talk about public health issues,” Rugieri explained Wednesday in front of the Marseille Criminal Court. According to her, the “Guedj system” is “to place a large number of prostheses with unlimited prices and to carry out a large number of deactivation of non-diseased teeth with the aim of making high bills.” It was configured.

“Guedj’s company charged 28 times the average crown of its colleagues and the price was 14 times the average of the department,” said consulting dentistry, who now died after being audited by the company from 2008 to 2010. Emphasized to the doctor Isabelle Ferrari. ..

“In 2010, sales of nearly 3 million euros were well above the second total of 1.6 million euros, compared to the average company’s 150,000 to 200,000 euros, leading the country at the national level. “In a hearing, Mr. Lugieri said it was impossible to isolate Carnot Gezi’s participation.

The amount of activity of the company also surprised the investigators of “Sécu”. “In 2009, the company claimed 30-50 days of action in 68 days, 50-90 daily actions in 95 days, and 100-180 daily actions in 16 days.” Based on the minimum time required for each action, I had to count 500 simple visits, saying, “It took 41 hours a day in 2009 and 52 hours in 2010 for the dentist to get there. Let’s do it, it’s completely impossible. “

-Forged radio-

“Taking risks is a challenge,” explained Ruggieri. “We waive our obligations of rigor and means when we thus chain actions to a large number of patients in this proportion and over such a long period of time,” she said. I summarized it.

“We now know the rest of the story,” she concludes, witnessing their suffering and ex-322 doctors Gezi who filed a civil suit to compensate for their devastated lives. Mentioned the patient.

“Some young people have noticed that they have large deactivated teeth. They have their mouths destroyed for the rest of their lives. If I come to testify today, it’s about them. I’m thinking, “she let go of her emotional voice.

During the initial investigation of 84 cases, 250 out of 30 files were noted for anomalies. Far from making atonement, Lionel Gezi said he wasn’t afraid of anything and even threatened to file a complaint with a consulting dentist.

“I was convinced of the dangers of a dentist’s practice,” health insurance decided to control all actions before payment. This is a practice that has not been mandatory since 2003. Medical reasons.

According to Ruggeri, the investigation process was complicated due to the lack of supporting documents. The first x-rays that should indicate the condition of the teeth before surgery were absent and often unavailable, five of which were clearly counterfeit. Few patients were able to provide estimates of the work performed, and she explained that everything sent by the clinic was “signed with the same hand,” suggesting they were incorrect.

The trial is scheduled until April 8.