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Friday, April 15, 2022-2:01 p.m.

André Rougé, a spokesman for Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, has been in Guyana for two days. A few days before the second round, he declined the program of the National Union on the Overseas Territories and returned to the subject of statutory changes.

The campaign between the two towers is in full swing. For two days in Guyana, overseas Marine Le Pen spokesman MEP André Rougé will unfold a program of collected candidates. 6,334 votes In the first round of French Guiana, ie 17.66% vote.

Almost seven points below the results the National Union candidate earned in 2017, she was just behind Jean-Luc Melenchon, given the results of the first round. According to MEP, the contextualization issues are: Marine Le Pen is making progress everywhere abroad compared to 2017. […] I think Guyana will be able to recover things in the second round. »»

For this purpose, the protagonist of the RN campaign is working, especially to prevent history from repeating. After a stint in Martinique, Andre Rouge will work another day before the final stop at the reunion to meet Guyana’s personality and discuss with business people. “” You have to convince yourself without doing anything until next Thursday, until Saturday’s vote Breathe Jérôme Harbourg, the territorial representative of the political party.


At the Grand Hotel Montabo this morning, spokesman Andre Rouge spoke with legislative candidate Rudis Stephenson before starting the first sequence on the Cayenne market.

Earlier in the month, the latter received a response from the party after sending a document aimed at asking the presidential candidate about his proposal to Guyana. “” Responding to this invitation also showed that being a member of parliament was not afraid to work on a particular subject. He explains to us.

Wish “ Please check very clearly “If statutory evolution had its place in the candidate’s program, Rudy Stephenson guarantees.” I got a pretty clear answer “.” Candidates agree with it. The idea is that she needs to combine the two moves. It is about responding to infrastructure and structural emergencies and, in addition, agreeing to consult with each other. Claim legislative candidates for the first constituency.

“Super Minister”

Andre Rouge continued half the measures with our microphone. You can consider sitting around the table to talk about the evolution of the statute He first announced. Before adding: Simply put, I think safety, mobility and social emergencies are priorities for improving the daily lives of the people of Guyana. “According to MEP, the subject of legal evolution” It takes time, consultation and pondering. »»

After that, he returned to foreign relations with various governments. “” I won’t talk about it, but overseas territories are in a critical situation due to emergencies. He observes.Sectors and regions abandoned since Jacques Chirac withdrew from political life According to MEP.

Reasons given by the candidate party for the appointment of the Minister of State, ” A kind of super-minister who has the authority over his government colleagues to manage priorities and urgency. »»

“” Overseas France needs an economic electric shock Guarantees Andre Rouge and presents point-by-point suggestions for candidates for the National Rally abroad. Questioning dock membership reforms, Sarah’s monopoly, abolition of health passes, updated by the European Union for another seven years … and leading the party, land rights and social interests for foreigners Abolish the strict sense of. .. A complete interview below.