Our dog was killed by a car … but the insurance company said it was our fault-it was a knife in our hearts

The owners of devastated dogs who were hit by cars and killed their pets were brutally blamed by insurance companies for them.

The world of Sukenedy was “crushed” when her beloved Yorkshire Terrier Bonnie rushed into the road outside her home in Helston, Cornwall, and was deadly shot.

She says their ruthless insurance company blamed Bonnie for her death, overcoming the sadness of losing her dog companion.

A well-named company, Animal Friends, refused to pay their claims and severely hinted that Sue was guilty of a traffic violation.

The dog lover described her and her husband as “the center of our world”, explaining that she and her husband had taken care of countless puppies during their 35-year marriage.

She states: “We always insured for them, paid for grooming and kept their vaccinations up to date. »»

But two weeks ago, while Bonnie was walking behind her, her husband carried a young dog, Teddy, into the car.

Sue explained: “On that terrible day, cats passed by them, and Bonnie chased them from the immediate vicinity of the road through our village.

“My husband called her name, but she was helplessly watched because she bumped into a car that didn’t stop.

“The shock killed her instantly, and my husband had to pick up her lifeless body while being comforted by our neighbor. »»

Sue returns from Devon, who was visiting her daughter, after hearing the tragic news that her “beautiful Bonnie” had died.

“We are both shattered by losses,” she said.

“I called the insurance company later that day and submitted a £ 200 claim form that we thought was right, which arranged a cremation during his favorite walk and his ashes. Can be scattered. »»

However, a week after his dog died, Sue says he received a letter from Animal Friends saying, “We accuse us of criminal offenses and deny our allegations.”

The owner continued. “After losing Bonnie, we felt the knife twisted in our hearts.

“I went through Animal Friends’ grievance in the hope that they would turn out to be sympathetic, but the decision to withhold payment was upheld.

“Read a small feature”

“I know some people, like insurance companies, blame us, but they deserve to be said in such a cold and insensitive way that we couldn’t secure our beautiful Bonnie.

“I think Animal Friends needed to find out why they didn’t pay the police.

“I can’t imagine there was an accident where they couldn’t find a reason to deny the allegations of the accident by reading the highlighted conditions,” Sue smoked.

“We’re two weeks now, but the pain is still very much. We can’t spend the day without collapsing. »»

The letter Sue received stated that anyone who allowed or forced the dog to be taken to a designated road was guilty of a crime under the Road Traffic Act of 1988.

He also warned that dogs should not be able to escape property and should wear collars and leashes.

Sue, who was struck by condolences, said: »»

She has since started a crowdfunding page to give Bonnie the right send-off.

An Animal Friends spokesman said:

“The billing letter sent to Mr. Kennedy was not as high standard as we are generally proud of at Animal Friends Insurance.

“I would like to express my condolences to Mr. Kennedy in a subsequent contact, but I understand that this particular letter he received may have already been at a difficult time.

“To prevent this from happening again, we will conduct an internal review of our communication with our customers. We will also invest in expert bereavement training by the animal charity Blue Cross to provide the understanding and understanding our customers need. Ensuring that we can provide support. When dealing with lost pets. »»