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Car insurance for young drivers usually costs more than a standard contract. Have you recently obtained a driver’s license? Some tricks can allow you to pay less. Discover the essentials to remember about the price of “young driver” car insurance.

What is Car Insurance for Young Drivers?

Car insurance called “Young driver” This is a contract for those who have recently obtained a driver’s license.

The category of young drivers is specifically defined by the insurance code article A121-1-1 and includes all drivers who have a driver’s license. Less than 3 years (Source: need to add a more experienced driver category to this, but drivers who have not been covered by car insurance for at least 3 years.


A “young driver” car insurance policy not only addresses a specific target audience, but does not differ significantly from the standard method for older drivers. In particular, you can access different levels of warranty, compare offers from multiple insurance companies and choose the one that is most competitive.

Why is young driver insurance more expensive?

The main feature of “young driver” car insurance is Its higher cost.. If all other conditions are the same, a recently licensed insured will pay significantly higher than a 10 or 20 year insured.

Considering the inexperience of young drivers, additional premiums will be systematically applied. If the insured has taken a standard driver’s license course, this additional premium is capped at: (Source:

  • 100% of the basic premium for the first year after obtaining the license.
  • 50% of the basic premium for the second year.
  • 25% of the basic premium for the third year.

If he gets a vehicle and insures it as soon as he gets a license, the young driver will therefore Twice the standard rate For vehicles of that class!

I need to add an effect to this Bonus Penalty Factor: At the beginning of the driver’s “career”, the driver actually starts with a factor of 1. After that, the driver must be exemplary on the road and not have a responsible accident for 13 years until the maximum bonus, 0.50, is reached. ..

So, in the end, young drivers are more likely to pay four times as much car insurance as older drivers and have already won the biggest bonus.

High accident rate for young drivers

The compelling rate of “young driver” car insurance contracts is explained by the high likelihood of causing responsible and sometimes dramatic accidents. According to traffic safety, 59% of fatal accident victims are between the ages of 18 and 24. Therefore, additional premiums cover greater risk than the insurance company takes.

What is the car insurance guarantee for a “young driver”?

The contracts and options available to young driver license holders are not significantly different from traditional methods. Three major categories of offers are available.

  • Third Party “Young Driver” Insurance: This constitutes the minimum protection required by law. It consists only of a guarantee of civil liability. The driver will not be reimbursed for any damages incurred by his car, but the insurance company will guarantee any damages that may be inflicted on others.
  • Extended Third Party “Young Driver” Insurance: It adds some more protection guarantees, the nature of which varies from contract to contract. This may include compensation for fire, explosion, broken glass, vandalism, or theft.
  • All-risk “young driver” insurance: This is the most comprehensive method. This typically includes all of the above guarantees, but also includes guarantees such as 24-hour assistance and personal guarantees for the insured’s physical injury in the event of an accident.

As a rule, young drivers buy the first vehicle in the second-hand market and choose the old model with low residual value. In such situations, it may be advantageous and reasonable to choose third-party insurance to minimize the amount of premiums.

How Much Does a “Young Driver” Car Insurance Cost?

The following table shows a comparison of optimal car insurance quotes for young drivers as part of third-party or all-risk insurance. The published fee applies only to the private use of young students who live in Lyon, drive 15,000 kilometers a year, close the garage and hold a license for two years without damage.