OM: “The real problem is not sports, it’s economic”-Autour de l’OM

Monday afternoon, next day OM’s defeat against Monaco in Velodrome (0-1), RMC sports I published an article titled “How Sampaoli lost his hand”, And explained that evil seemed “deep.” Basically, the Argentine coach alienated important executives and agents, especially Arkadiushmirik, by cutting himself off part of his locker room. The latter would have conditioned his future at OM next season, whether or not Sampaoli was at the top of the team. Final statement denied in the evening by Polish striker aides. Where is the truth? Probably between the two, but for sure, it’s better to see the OM see the period of eddy approaching and escape from it as soon as possible.

“Be careful not to shoot your foot as we know how to do it here, because we know how it ends.”

It must be said that the Olympic club is struggling to get rid of its bad habits, from brilliant summers to gloomy winters, in less time than it sounds. The discoveries we found safe were the unanimous president, a successful transfer window, the players involved, and a coach who was applauded by the entire League One a while back. Apart from that, like the competitors, the wear of the competition was there. As a result, lead melts and tension increases. Is it justified? Obviously a little, but not so much for this former historic leader of the club. “I understand the concerns about recent games, but it’s dangerous to darken the picture like these days. Even if the lead diminishes, the team remains in third place, ideally aiming for the podium. That’s a fact. You have to remember. Then there is the downside of losing all these points at home and it’s an inevitable challenge. Taking a single point against Troy and Clermon is a challenge. It’s a sign of certain bruise and mental fatigue, but it’s obvious. The enemy in turn experiences these slowdowns, but hasn’t experienced all that revolution and was able to start over. Be careful not to shoot your foot as you know how to do it here, because you know how it ends. “..

“The Champions League qualifying is very important and it’s not an empty word. The tension between the team and the result is the greatest.”

For this enthusiast of the daily life of the Olympics, the feared tensions do not necessarily come from Sampaoli or Milik. They cultivate a duty of consequences that leaves little room for the inevitable uncertainties of sport. In fact, OMs are often tightrope walkers and are probably a little thinner than usual. “The real problem isn’t sports, it’s financial. Even if you’ve known it for a while, the situation is very serious. I’ve talked a lot about wise hiring, loans with or without options, but that’s not all. Completely free. There is a transfer deadline, the salary is very high and the player’s capital is limited. OM decides to lend a player like Amavi to a competitor by paying most of the salary. If you had to, generosity, that’s what it means. That’s why qualification for the Champions League is essential, it’s not an empty word. Beyond the current results, the club’s main concern Is the financial situation, even if it is difficult for the leader to say .. In this context, the tension around the team and the result is maximum and it is normal. “.. The discovery isn’t really appealing, but it’s not surprising, as everyone has been warned for a long time. Therefore, it’s important to continue to support teams that have demonstrated the ability to do great things without adding too much. That is also a priority.