Of mountain tourism and climate change issues: Ski economy of the disaster scenario?

The Pyrenees of Catalonia are affected by climate change. Faced with this “threat,” agents are worried about the fate of the mountains to live from skiing. On earth, there is more than one problem for economic agents. They respond to those who have announced their death for the mountains, “everything is done without skiing.” File that corresponds to the black track.

Reduction of snow, reduction of winter, rising … of temperature, “the impact of climate change is particularly noticeable in the mountains.” And, they should be even so in the future. This is a disturbing observation of the agents of Isère Marie-Noëlle Battistel (PS) and Pyrénées-Orientales Laurence Gayte (LREM). Elected officials released an information report on mountain tourism and climate change challenges on February 23, 2022. Their verdict is clear. There is an “urgency” to act to “contain the effects of climate change.” Therefore, it is no longer a problem to deny it, but rather a problem to limit its consequences. DavidBerrué who is the spokesman of the EELV group of Pyrenees-Orientales is, “This report is made the correct diagnosis. Seriously the impact of climate change, the mountain is a fragile environment,” it says.

But then, which turn should the Nages Catalan take? The report does not provide magical recipes that can be applied to the nine resorts of ski resorts in Northern Catalonia. If trucks up to 1,000 meters above sea level are far apart, it is difficult to apply the same protocol to a small resort in La Kiran and a very high Puigmal. According to the report, their economic model is based on the same foundation if their problems are not the same elsewhere. In other words, it is a “major reliance” on skiing, which “occupies 82% of mountain turnover today.”

Just skiing?

Whether this is to want to anyhow invest in activities is really reasonable, its future has been announced as a compromise? Need to keep building heavy and costly infrastructure? Need to snow on a ski lift that is always high? Is it good to increase the installation of snow cannons to make up for the lack of natural snow? In this regard, the text of the report’s is clear: “. The production of artificial snow is, you can not configure an unlimited number of responses to the lack of snow,” and this is the lack of water resources in certain areas, particularly This is because production is restricted due to this, but it is also due to the rise in temperature.

The economic model of “skiing at all costs” has already suffered two setbacks. Puy Valador Resort and Puy Valador Resort slowed down due to severe financial difficulties and had to close their doors in 2013 and 2017. Despite the initial failure, these two areas have chosen to reopen in 2019 and will be temporarily closed. But how long is it? 2 people of MP has proposed that away gradually from the ski-related tourism. This is, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, you can go through the development of activities such as cross-country skiing … but not only that. Elected officials are also calling for seasonal adjustment and diversification of mountain tourism. For example, agro-tourism and water treatment. While maintaining as much as possible the mountain of personality and identity, all.

DavidBerrué’s EELV has condemned in the following manner. And to blame, “a vision directed solely at the lasting development of the mountain.”

As for mountain players, we do not necessarily agree with this vigilant observation. Font-Romeu / Pyrénées2000 director is Jacques Alvarez of the ski area (celebrated its 100 anniversary in 2021) is convinced that “skiing is not over”, is quite optimistic. I expect a good season in the future. “In the near future, the numbers will prove that he is correct. The resort is entering an “abnormal” season with record attendance and sales. This is supposed to be 14.2 million euros. In particular, skiing is a true economic driving force. Then, the domain of Font-Romeu / Pyrénées2000 is no exception. All at the beginning of March, is the president of the Neiges Catalanes, L’Indépendant is as Michel Poudade is the mayor of the Angles, who interviewed explained, are you recorded history on the “one of the best of the season” is It is of NeigesCatalanes. “We imagine that finish the season with 29 million euros of sales from 28 million. This is, we is the amount of money from the 3 4 more than what you are accustomed.” Satisfied with the virtuous circle of skiing “Spend 1 euro on a ski pass has an economic benefit of 6 euros to support the entire local population who can enjoy the beautiful mountains,” reminds Jack Alvarez.

“Heat stroke at the summit.”

Students of 10 people of journalism from the ESJ of Montpellier, has launched a media outlet “CoupdechaudauxSommets” that focuses on the search for solutions of the mountains and the global warming of Catalonia.

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