Nuclear deterrence is dead, so economic deterrence must be radical

The return to reality happens violently in front of us. The nuclear shield protects only one hero, the invaders!

Instead of preventing the strong from attacking the weak, nuclear weapons stop only one thing: they intervene with the Allies to help victims who are accused of helplessly watching over us. Prohibit. From territorial war to world war.

The final illusion of nuclear deterrence, the illusion of putting troops in the ash heap of history, should have removed the danger of war in history, so how would people who want to win with weapons evaporate in a few weeks? I understand what I’ve won Anyway, there are decisive strategic and military advantages for everyone who has weapons just to discourage everyone from using them.

The Kremlin invaders had already tested prototypes of his method in Syria and then in Crimea. Symbolic, or at least painless, accusations are now in front of us in the process of industrializing sharpened methods, and all those on earth who are still tempted to rely on the army. Provides lessons for military conquest to the power to expand the boundaries of their empire.

In this new context, the economic response taken three weeks ago also needs to be fast-enhanced and industrialized to become a new deterrent weapon that can push back forces trying to attack neighbors and subdue them with weapons. there is.

Economic sanctions set by the European Union and the governments of member states are as rapid and penalized as those set by companies that have taken the initiative to leave Russia or suspend continued cooperation with Russia. there is. Companies unless the invasion of Ukraine is stopped.

Oligarchs are not the only victims of these measures. The Russian population itself will be sacrificed, and so will Russian entrepreneurs. Russian entrepreneurs can be separated from the surrounding business community and disadvantaged in exports and supplies. To maximize the economic costs imposed on the invaders, this generalized embargo is by other forces seeking to protect the invaders and find opportunities to win new contracts with these sanctions. It should not be avoided.

Therefore, economic deterrence not only by agreements between states at the international level, but also by means of contracts between private parties with mutual provisions that make these sanctions automatic in the event of a dispute caused by an invading country. Can be a true alternative. To nuclear deterrence, its flaws now appear to create a gap in the eyes of the world and history.

In addition to the definition of rules that impose such embargoes within the United Nations, such provisions must be integrated into commercial contracts, integrate compliance requirements and regulate the “respect” of companies with which they can cooperate. Must be. Anywhere in the world, it is possible to ensure that the partners we work with break commerce with all economic agents in countries that are militarily attacking neighboring countries. This promise to provoke “automatic” generalized and very large-scale economic retaliation establishes a new principle of deterrence against war, maintains European peace for almost 65 years, and evaporates its foundation. May replace what you have done. A few weeks in Ukraine.

In order for this new response to occupy the dimension of large-scale deterrent weapons, it must now be dedicated in all of its radicality. This is what happens to Ukrainian citizens on a daily basis.

But to make this new economic deterrent operational, more than new international rules and extensions of compliance clauses are needed. From a geopolitical point of view, we need to succeed in gaining the economic power that gives the concept of “sovereignty” its dimension of integrity. And now, even in military terms.