Newly growing business model

Mouhamet Ndiongue

In Morocco, the subject of digitization has long been a political agenda. In July 2016, the government launched a current strategy called Maroc Digital 2020. Current strategies aim firstly to promote the digitization of the economy, secondly to expand Morocco as a regional digital hub, and thirdly to improve country-related framework conditions.

With a title suggestion Digital at the heart of the development model », APEBI announced the digital orientation in Morocco, especially the latter aspect of the newly developed model. However, things have accelerated since the advent of Covid-19.

The ICT sector produces 5% to 6% of GDP, of which telecommunications companies make up about half. However, coupled with strong political will and economic demands, technological development is driving the growth of Morocco’s ICT sector beyond the telecommunications subsector. “” Integrating digital solutions into your business operations is not an option. Morocco’s business needs to remain at the forefront of regional and international standards. Lamiae Benmakhlouf, general manager of the Moroccan company Information Techno Park (MITC), told OBG.

In the 2021 survey, Morocco said, “At the National Center for Science and Technology Research (CNRST) in Morocco. Digital transformation In Africa behind South Africa.

Since this report aims to provide information on the evolution of national and international scientific production on the subject of digital transformation, Morocco’s position at the regional and international levels in connection with this question. Consider.

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Research related to digital transformation is relatively recent and much talked about. Therefore, it deals with a wide range of scientific questions, from basic to applied, including social issues. Therefore, it affects several areas such as computer science, engineering, decision-making science, and social science.

Due to this complexity and the fact that this is an approach survey, queries were basically based on keywords specific to this subject. Digital transformation », « E-transformation », « Digital economy », « Digital business »…

Following broader international trends, the expansion of digital solutions has been recognized by authorities at various levels. Infrastructure improvements have been led by updated legislation, but adoption is widely supported by Digital Morocco 2020 (Maroc Digital 2020). This is a national development plan adopted in 2016 to complement the achievements of Maroc Numéric adopted in 2008. The Digital Development Agency (ADD), which monitors progress and regulates ICT-related projects and reforms. The agency’s mission includes eliminating the digital divide in cities and rural areas, moving from e-government to digital government, and facilitating the digitization of business processes.

Positive effect of pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has boosted Morocco’s digital economy. Development needs to continue. However, this sector continues to tackle challenges.

The potential for digital applications in Morocco is undeniable. The need to catch up increases the pressure to get things done. The spectrum extends from electronic governance, e-commerce, e-health, smart agriculture to Industry 4.0. About 10 years ago, the Kingdom announced its e-Morocco 2010 strategy. Next is the Maroc Numeric Government initiative, the Maroc Digital 2020 Plan, and now the Maroc Digital 2025.

The Covid-19 crisis has brought Morocco a digital boost. A study conducted by the Oxford Business Group (OBG) in collaboration with the Digital Development Agency (ADD) and various companies in this sector confirms the acceleration of digital transformation. For example, case studies from SAP, Wilo, CBI, Genious, Ideo Factory, Webhelp, and PandoraBox were considered. Compared to other countries in the region, the Kingdom has the advantage of being responsible for digital development at a very early stage.

how is Make an app?

In April 2021, the ABA Technology Group opened an Innovation Center in Casablanca Ceno Park. As a player in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the company operates at three levels. Nextronic’s subsidiary is responsible for the development and manufacture of prototypes. After that, startup Nextcor was in charge of manufacturing the technical device. The subsidiary Intelflex will then handle the integration. During the Covid-19 crisis, Nextronic also developed several products for the healthcare sector, including thermometers, oximeters, and infrared cameras.