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Secours Catholique launches Kaori, the first association of “responsible and united” rescuers, and Kaori.Vie, a new so-called “committed” life insurance policy, or “ecological and social responsibility”. increase. A welcome initiative.

Véronique Fayet, chairman of the new savings and loan association Kaori (former chairman of Secours Catholique), under the name she calls “Brother Revolution” and “Our Role as Actors of Social Change,” said “ecologically and Commitment to “direct flow of funds for socially responsible projects”. “We have the courage to put our beliefs into practice, she explains, and invests in the transition of citizens and ecosystems.”

In fact, the French are dormant in the euros of hundreds of billions of euros, so-called life insurance is in the euros and the recurring account, all with a negative return after deducting inflation. Véronique Fayet sends them this powerful message: “For sleeping money, Sequours Catholique-Caritas France prefers money to act!» »

“Demanding” saver

The Saver Association, first established by the Securs Catholique, is committed to this commitment with the support of the Institutional Review Board, which is responsible for “monitoring ethical standards and financial compliance” for the funds provided to its members. François Soulage, an economist, former national representative of Sequours Catholique, and chairman of this committee, promises to ensure compliance, explained. “Obviously, we need to demonstrate in our activity report each year that we respect this commitment we make to you.” “We demand a saver. I’m going, “Véronique Fayet told her partner.

François Soulage proposed at Kaori Vie’s presentation conference that the 27 “account units” (equity or fixed income investment funds) were “selected” and “according to the strict specifications created by Securs Catholique”. I explained that it was selected from the management company. Both their financial performance and the value of Secours Catholique and respect for social, governance and environmental requirements. “

Note: Two risk-free funds, referred to as the euro, are also offered by insurance company Generali (Eurossima / Netissima), but they have little interest because the yields are very low and useless for their purposes. .. The Asac-Fapès mediation network, known for its value, provides mediation. And Generali France was selected as the insurance company. “We are an insurance company that guarantees that we do not deviate from our model,” says François Soulage. The originality of this life insurance lies in the choice of accounting unit. Selection based on ESG analysis grids, not outsourcing to insurance companies or distribution networks.

Reasonable price

As for pricing, you’ll find that, like any other online offer on the market, subscribers aren’t burdened with payments. The life insurance management fee, which is displayed at 0.80% per year, is reasonable compared to most offers (about 1%) from major networks. Other fees are charged by the management company for each fund and are very reasonable and very proportional to the quality of the management company selected (about 1-2% per year). Management The management cost is 0.30%, which is very competitive.