Netbackup 10 is more functional and more economical

Veritas has released version 10 of the NetBackup backup software. It features more interaction with cloud services. On the one hand, these are connectors that extend the range of content that can be stored, especially the SQL databases in Azure and AWS, and on the other hand, features that were previously only possible with onsite backup.

In particular, consider the backup server format itself. Until version 9, AWS or Azure charged the full amount because it was a virtual machine that had to be running all the time. NetBackup servers running from the cloud are now in container format, similar to on-premises appliances in NetBackup Flex (servers) or Flex Scale (hyperconverged and scalable infrastructure). Also, a new module called Veritas Cloud Scale Technology activates this server online only during the backup or restore window. This allows you to divide the rental price by 10.

Automation, simplification of maintenance operations

The possibilities of Veritas Cloud Scale Technology are further advanced. The module that embodies the most important novelty of this version 10 incorporates artificial intelligence algorithms to automate various management tasks. This includes detecting malware during backups or upstream of restores, and converting backups to various snapshot formats used by cloud providers and storage arrays of different brands.

“With Veritas CloudScale Technology shut down, we can automate data management as much as possible to save money, time, and even energy so companies can save and restore backups without having to call an infrastructure expert. We are working on it. Resources when not in use, ”concludes Daniel de Prezzo, CTO of the Southern European Market at Veritas.

According to him, this growing automation and more direct link to cloud services (the technological direction seen elsewhere in all backup solution publishers) is the market for cloud infrastructure. It is closely related to the shift. hybrid.

“What I have to say about hybrid clouds is that the cloud has long been regarded as a business infrastructure, which has allowed us to escape the CIO limited to the data center, but this design. Raised a rationalization issue, albeit only from a cost perspective. Today, the cloud is back under the supervision of the CIO to solve this issue. It’s a hybrid cloud. »»

“To be successful, CIOs need to be no longer a prisoner of technical choice, but have the means to ensure portability between different silos. Veritas Cloud Scale Technology requires the necessary technical abstractions. “Provides,” claims Daniel de Prezzo.

Better integration with third-party infrastructure

NetBackup is backup software that runs from a storage server. Previously, this machine was a physical appliance sold by Veritas itself or HPE. You can now also find it in the Dell Catalog.

The appliance is tiered. You can store the latest backups locally and archive the old backups to cheaper external storage. It can be another physical array, typically online storage in object mode.

As such, Netbackup can export backups to all S3 compatible systems, but Veritas claims to interact more directly with 60 object solutions via APIs to take advantage of higher levels of functionality. In addition to using the snapshot format directly, the problem is, for example, knowing how to set the lock so that the backup is immutable, that is, it cannot be changed for a specific period of time. This device is designed to resist ransomware vandalism.

Veritas points out that sending commands through the API eliminates the need to install the NetBackup agent at the destination. Among the object storage solutions fully supported since NetBackup 10, Veritas lists Azure Blobs, Cloudian HyperStore, or Hitachi Content Platform.

In addition to expanding storage space, NetBackup also supports distributing backup and restore tasks across multiple servers. Not only to support the heavy load of large companies, but also to store a copy of the backup elsewhere. This is where the novelty of the container format for NetBackup server instances running in the cloud comes into play.

To date, only AWS and Azure public clouds offer NetNackup containers in their catalogs. In all other cases, the enterprise must deploy the NetBackup container itself, regardless of the public cloud GCP, Orange Flexible Engine, OVHcloud, or private cloud offers. The underlying infrastructure requires a Kubernetes cluster. The operation and maintenance of this NetBackup container is fully supported by the new Veritas Cloud Scale Technology module.

Products that include all options

In terms of what can be stored, NetBackup has previously known how to protect all physical and virtual servers. Data backup for some major SaaS applications (Office 365, Slack …, not yet Salesforce) was previously possible via the optional module NetBackup SaaS Protection. Currently, this module is included directly in NetBackup 10.

Similarly, NetBackup 10 can now back up data from so-called PaaS services (usually online SQL databases). At the moment, only AWS and Azure ones are supported, but others need to arrive.

Veritas shows that not only all the resources that can be stored, but all the infrastructure that can be queried by the API are listed in the compatibility matrix that can be referenced from the documentary base of the US site. At the time of this writing, the NetBackup 10 Compatibility Matrix has not yet been released.

Finally, NetBackup 10 also brings a simpler and more global user experience. On the one hand, the Java history management console is now completely replaced by the web console. It is easy to understand, can be queried remotely, and provides more visual information. However, it does provide access to the same technical information as the history console. This was not yet the case with the web interface provided at the time of NetBackup 9.

NetBackup 10, on the other hand, integrates another module, Aptare, which was previously sold as an option. This is used when the name is changed to NetBackup IT Analytics Foundation. This is a dashboard that summarizes readings from the storage infrastructure and assists maintenance operations through alerts and possibly automated processes. The most direct concern of this module is to raise an alert when a backup detects an anomaly. For example, it may be much smaller than normal, suggesting an infringement.

NetBackup IT Analytics Foundation is a software version that monitors only backups that are directly managed by NetBackup. Veritas also sells a NetBackup I Analytics version that is compatible with all backup and storage solutions.