National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM): Missions and Contact Information

What is the National Health Insurance Fund?

The National Health Insurance Fund is an administrative agency. CNAM, a leading player in protecting the health of French people, has more than 60 million people (employees, self-employed, students, job seekers, retirees, etc.) to the extent that they have agreed to be called health insurance. We are organizing the protection of. today.

I want to know: In addition to health risks, CNAM manages the risk of maternal mortality, death and disability, as well as occupational accidents and illnesses.

CNAM’s mission

Its mission is to define health insurance policies at the national level. Its role is to guide, coordinate and advise the actions of the local organizations that make up the network, especially the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) and the five general social security funds.

Its mission is numerous because it has multiple roles. First, the protection of French health must be ensured by ensuring the organization of systems to cover the cost of care, whether in hospital environments or in urban health care. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Facilitate access to care by opening and managing member rights.
  • Make sure to repay through payment of benefits.
  • Simplify insured procedures as much as possible.
  • Organize information on prevention, education, and health, screening, and vaccination through the implementation of specific campaigns.
  • Costs of care by coordinating care, ensuring the fight against fraud (especially with Vitale cards, and by controlling outages, etc.), developing compensation systems, and setting liability tariffs and compensation levels. Control of the various acts offered by medical professionals.

To do this, CNAM relies on 156 organizations (including a network of 102 ministries locally organized at over 830 reception points).

A fund that represents more than 85,000 employees with a variety of skills, including reception agents, healthcare access advisors, medical advisors, health nurse advisors, statisticians, and IT specialists.

Be careful: CNAM carries out public service missions under the supervision of the Social Security Administration. The Department of Social Security is the central executive body that defines the public policies it follows and drafts legislation for financing social security in government services.

How to contact the National Health Insurance Fund?

CNAM is headquartered in 50 avenuedu Pr-André-Lemierre, 75986 Paris, Cedex 20. Social security beneficiaries usually do not need to contact CNAM as account management is decentralized at the level of the primary fund. Of the department of their place of residence.

To reach CPAM in his place of residence, one phone number: 36 46 (cost of calling to landline + paid service from landline or mobile). You can also contact us from the Ameli website or access one of the CPAM facilities or local hotlines in your place of residence.

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