Mutual insurance, car insurance, home insurance … what is the value of a low cost offer?

Call charges less than 10 euros and a promise of unmatched efficiency. Over the last few years, 100% online car insurance, home insurance and health insurance have been attacking the market with the online banking model. MoneyVox wanted to know if it was worth the deal.

Automotive, Home, Health These three sectors are almost 150 million contracts in France According to industry data, in 2019.A market dominated by musician tycoons (Maif, Macif, GMF) or insurance companies like Axa, but has been thriving since 2017 No insurance or insurance technology. In the online banking model, these entities are 100% mobile, application and messaging service flexibility. You no longer have to wait to declare a claim. Everything is done independently on your smartphone. Insuring your car, insuring your accommodation, or guaranteeing your health payments, configuring guarantees and options is more without delay and a priori. Must be cheap.

At home really like You declare your claim directly in the mobile application with photos and videos.At home Leo careAs an online specialist in cars (starting at € 17.50) and housing (starting at € 6.63 for studios), we promise 4-7 questions about the quote provided and signed in 5 minutes. Our product is mobile, as being in the policyholder’s pocket reassures him, explains CEO Christoph Dandoy Moneyvox. As a leader in multi-risk home insurance for insurance companies (about 150,000 customers), Luko guarantees a convenient, simple and transparent product. The claim will be filed in 2 minutes and the refund will be valid in 2 hours.

More flexible and cheaper car insurance

Through this process, insurers want to attract young senior executives from major urban areas. They represent a sufficient number of niche markets for their development. They are also Hamon law savvy customers who can sign new contracts with new insurance companies for free and compete from the first year onwards without justification or consideration of annual deadlines. .. This is because you have savings with non-life insurance. For example, in car insurance, according to a Meilleurassurance survey conducted online in November 2019 on 1,440 users, 79% of those asked had an equivalent guarantee after leaving their previous insurance company. We believe we will achieve an average savings of 340 euros. ..

on average, Insure your car against all risks In France you have to pay 503 euros.

At home Leo careFor low-priced, Renault Scnic or Peugeot 5008 type family cars, the price is 430 euros per year. really like The annual premium is 592 euros, well above the norm and far from the entry price of 10.90 euros per month. The level of deduction depends on the options and scenarios you choose. The more room you have, the lower the deduction will be and the zero it will be. Otherwise, for example, a broken glass can cost 170 euros and even a theft can cost 720 euros.

ThirdLeochares are just below € 244 per year and Lovys € 230, so non-insurance companies are on average (€ 243).

WillovLinked to Crdit Mutuel Arka and its insurance subsidiary Suravenir, Monthly subscription € 21.90. Then pay € 0.90 for a 24-hour drive. If the problem occurs without the responsibility of the identified third party, the glass breakage deduction is fixed at 90 euros, but in the case of theft it is 600 euros.

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Even the online bank Boursorama enters this niche with a Carapass offer starting at € 8.15 per month for small cars.

Difficult to break home prices

In homes, it’s difficult to stick to risk in real time, and options in this direction quickly get in the way. Home insurance specialist, American lemonade Has a very aggressive pricing strategy with new home tenants. For 50, 70 and 100m apartments2 It is insured in major metropolitan areas such as Nantes and Lyon and offers monthly rates of € 100, 110 and 120.

On their side, its first competitor Luko, Leochares, or Lovys charge 70 square meters, 95, 87, and 13 euros higher, respectively. In the equivalent range, the national average of 70-meter properties2 Is 200 euros, but there can be a big difference whether you are a tenant or an owner.

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Supported by Google or Axa. Lemonade tends to rise significantly in price after 12 months. As a result, the churn rate in the United States after one year is 45%. Very low prices, sometimes less than 10 euros are attractive, but many options for completing a contract are always hidden. Similarly, Lovys offers a deduction of € 75-300 at a monthly cost of € 3.99 and imposes numerous supplements for good coverage.

At home Luco2 minutes is enough Estimated monthly fee of 23 euros for a 130m old house2 In the suburbs of Renne Despite the appeal price of 11 euros (4 euros for an apartment). Calculations are based on sector-recorded data on robbery, land on which accommodation was built, flood risk, and companies in the surrounding area (Seveso type). It’s the same price as other non-insurance companies, but less than 10 euros compared to the prices implemented throughout the market. This amount protects you from fires and floods in excess of € 300. On the other hand, new refunds for merchandise and valuables are optional (1.50-3.50 euros), including swimming pools, balconies and Airbnb rentals.

Brusolama also exists in this segment, with Arabli starting at € 4.20. However, for a three-bedroom house with a family of two children, the monthly fee is about 30 euros.

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Health insurance: undeveloped market

Health offers the most attractive prices for those who are not planning dental or optical treatments.At home Heyme for people under the age of 35 and international students thus has an initial offer of € 9.90. However, it is less popular than those that include dentist and ophthalmologist consultations. After that, the price will rise by 12 euros and 25 euros. Pioneer Unicorn Alan and its 165,000 customers are looking to collective contracts for companies or self-employed people that have been mandated since 2015.Their individual offers have turned About 70,80 euros.

As with wholesalers like April, the number of new health entrants is low at this point due to the strong interrelationships. Christophe Bescond of the comparable Acomme Assure points out that more specific information is also needed among customers.

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As a whole, pay attention to the low price. Reducing salaries and the number of facilities often enables costly customer acquisition strategies. Cheap ones are often of poor quality. Christoph Beskondo warns that low-price wars are sometimes unhealthy and undermine policyholder coverage. CLCV lawyer Olivier Gayraud says that the amount of donations is not always the most important factor to consider. Take a closer look at the level of deductions, guaranteed and unguaranteed.. Within our insurance company, we condemn the term derogatory low cost in France. We don’t want to lower the price, but providing the best service at an attractive price guarantees in response to Leochares Christophe Dandois, who has just raised € 15 million for development.

However, we believe that lemonades like Christoph Beskondo, a French player, will inflate funding and evolve in a bubble selling loss contracts. Model sustainability occurs when you need to assume a large number of claims. In the medium term, the bailouts of these insurers will come from portfolio diversity, according to a player interviewed by MoneyVox. Therefore, as a newcomer to the market supported by Xavier Niel, Acheel will provide housing, health, dog and cat insurance to fill its financial resources in the event of a major blow.