Mortgage Insurance: New Strategic Partnership Between CAFPI and News About Wealth Management

CAFPI and, leaders in real estate credit and loan insurance, are very pleased to announce the partnership. It aims to pool their strengths in order to offer the best mortgage insurance offers to all CAFPI borrowers since August 1, 2022. This strategic alliance will complete the borrower insurance market with the recent promulgation of the Remoin Act, which will allow new borrowers to change their borrower insurance at any time from June 1st to benefit from better guarantees at lower cost. It is a part of the opening.

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This partnership between two leaders, credit brokerage and loan insurance, will enable customers to provide loan insurance services through the “Simul Assur” tool developed by This tool will be available to CAFPI contractors (brokers) and will advise clients at the best rates on the best guarantees. “Simul Assur” is the leading digital tool for making mortgage insurance coverage simple, fluid and transparent.

“CAFPI has a very strong ambition in mortgages and loan insurance. Therefore, this partnership with Magnolia is in line with our ambitions in 2022 and in the future. »» Highlighting Olivier Lendrevie, President of CAFPI..

“The Group is very pleased to be able to enter into this partnership with CAFPI. The full digital marketplace available to France’s largest mortgage broker is how to offer the best loan insurance policy to all borrowers. With a super-qualitative and optimized user experience, CAFPI provides borrowers with optimized customer service in terms of both pricing and warranty. »» Explanation Gérald Loobuyck, founder of the group..

This partnership will enable us to offer the best in terms of loan insurance to future owners. Leading user experience, quality and competitiveness of offerings, numerous exclusive services (super-simplified health course of contracts, efficient and fully turnkey and other termination services) and quality support by professionals.

The recent enactment of the Remoin Act has intensified competition in the borrower insurance market. Therefore, it was not surprising that CAFPI and (one a historic market leader for more than 50 years and the other for more than 20 years) would anticipate such a cataclysm.

“Given the low interest rates in the mortgage insurance market and the accelerating competition going forward, the combination of contractor brokers and’s know-how seems to be relevant to this market transformation »». according to Olivier Lendrevie, President of CAFPI..

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In a nutshell CAFPI:

CAFPI, a leader in the mortgage brokerage market, is located throughout France through 240 agencies and supports clients at all stages of real estate projects. In 2021, CAFPI completed 40,000 files with 150 partner banks and insurance companies under particularly favorable conditions. The mortgage brokerage business is still booming as more than 35% of French loans are made through brokers. CAFPI is an all-loan expert offering real estate loans, loan consolidation, professional loans, and borrower insurance online at and social networks.

In 2010, under the promotion of CAFPI, the APIC (Professional Association of Credit Intermediaries) promotes the profession of brokers, supports their players in the development of regulations and legislation, and protects the profession’s interests with public institutions. Was born for the purpose of (

About Insurtech Internet Loan Insurance Market Place Leader

The Magnolia Group has maintained its position as a marketplace leader in Loan Insurance 2.0 for 20 years by offering B2C and B2B clients the best offers on the market (Axa, Generali, Metflie, Swiss Life, Cardif, etc.). rice field. -Performance loan insurance comparison and quality expert support. This InsurTech also provides the same service to its customers through an open comparator, offers about 10 complementary health contracts, and develops health expertise through its outstanding customer service. Each year, over 260,000 simulation requests are processed by 100 insurance professionals through the site. They guide users in their choices to enable significant savings while benefiting from better guarantees.

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