Moose: Promote employment in the face of the consequences of the economic crisis

The services of the province of Moose help businesses, employees and job seekers in the context of the labor market, which is exposed to changes in health and economic crises.

On Thursday, February 17, 2022, Minister of Labor and Employment Integration Elizabeth Borne Local implementation of plans to ease hiring tensions. The conference focused on the need to adapt to the changing labor market that followed the health crisis. Caused the current economic crisis.

The implemented action is Plans to ease hiring tensions, Announced on September 27, 2021 by Jean Castex and Elizabeth Borne with a budget of € 1.4 billion.

“We now have to strengthen our company’s competitiveness by training our employees on tomorrow’s skills,” Elizabeth Borne said in a press release.

What actions and tools does Meuse have?

On the Meuse River, there is a service attached to the province, Bar-le-Duc, Employment, Labor, Solidarity and Population Protection (DDETSPP). Contact difficult companies in the territory Combine with them.

Companies facing recruitment difficulties related to Human resource management It is part of the structure covered by this program.Therefore, DDETSPP Providing human resources advice, It supports very small and medium-sized enterprises (TPEs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to improve their talent strategies. The device is fully customizable and will adapt to the needs expressed by the company by contacting an external service provider specialized in this area. Any company with less than 250 employees can benefit from this service. This service takes precedence over SMEs with less than 50 employees and VSEs with less than 10 employees. “There are not always well-known difficulties”Says Christoph Dereg, Head of Economics, Employment and Business at DDETSPP.

The Need to train It also seems essential to facilitate recruitment. the FNE-Training By developing your skills, you can train your employees and facilitate in-house retraining. This device will be in the long run Promote the competitiveness of the company by improving employee qualifications. All areas of activity, especially those affected by the health crisis, are involved, including catering, hotels, air transportation, trade and business services. Companies that have difficulty partial activity, change and / or resumption of activity can benefit from this plan.

“Strengthening the competitiveness of these companies will make them more attractive to workers and facilitate their recruitment.”Says Marie-Anne Jouron, a new representative to support professional retraining at DDETSPP.

Some companies facing difficulties have already been identified by DDETSPP throughout the Moose region.This last Because the structure is small “hidden” Request it Allow the agent to offer them services that they can benefit from.