Moderate budget, coupled with various economic measures in the Outaouais region | Quebec Budget 2022

Among the measures common to each region, Quebec targets two major measures to address the issue of labor availability: immigration and training.The government believes that speeding up immigration application processing and regaining it is a priority. à un délai raisonnable“,”text”:”à un délai raisonnable”}}”> Within a reasonable time .. Over five years, $ 11.9 million will be used to provide the staff needed to meet growing demand. Currently, it takes time to resolve cases, and in some cases it has been going on for more than three years.

Labor shortages, as cited as a brake on economic growth, have also led the government to prioritize education. To do this, it invests to support academic success and patience, as requested by Fédération des cégeps, which claims that a particularly attractive labor market distracts some students from training sites. .. Quebec will improve access to higher education and graduation for the purpose of qualifying and / or requalifying in the job market.

Strengthening public transport and reducing purchases EV

As gas prices soar, the government has revised down its credits for the acquisition of electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid vehicles since April 1, 2022.

From now on, the maximum rebate for 100% electric vehicles will be $ 7,000, but previously it was $ 8,000. Buyers of new hybrid vehicles can get a refund of up to $ 5,000 for a range that can reach up to $ 8,000 depending on battery capacity. However, all new used cars are eligible for a rebate of up to $ 3,500.

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For transportation, $ 48.2 billion has been secured to improve the road network. The expansion of Autoroute 50 remains in the department’s plans. In addition, $ 56.5 billion will be invested in public, urban and intercity bus transportation. Electric public transport has also been added between western Gatineau and downtown Ottawa. This project is part of the solution to the congestion problem and part of the government’s strategy. répondre aux préoccupations environnementales en diminuant les émissions de GES“,”text”:”répondre aux préoccupations environnementales en diminuant les émissions de GES”}}”> Responding to environmental problems by reducing GHG emissions ..

Social and affordable housing

Difficulty in housing access is reflected in Minister Girard’s priority, which promises to increase the supply of social and affordable homes with a budget of $ 416 million. The project already underway for Accès Logis must be completed with the previously announced delivery of 3,500 homes.

For Quebec’s affordable housing program, this is financial assistance for community and private developers who promise to build rental housing for low-income or low-income households in the form of construction subsidies. Assistance is determined by the area of ​​the project and its duration. Therefore, the longer the project, the greater the funding. In addition, potential tenants of these units can receive rent supplements from private market components.

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But when it comes to access to property, there is no doubt that it gives you peace of mind. Minister Eric Girard believes that incentives create market imbalances. Even if the real estate market is competing, the minister believes that further stimulating it would be counterproductive.

Lorsque la demande excède l’offre, la dernière chose que l’on veut faire, c’est stimuler la demande“,”text”:”Lorsque la demande excède l’offre, la dernière chose que l’on veut faire, c’est stimuler la demande”}}”> When demand exceeds supply, the last thing you want to do is to stimulate demand Minister Girard insisted.

Bulk area measures

This budget also takes into account the economic challenges of the so-called territory. faible vitalité économique“,”text”:”faible vitalité économique”}}”> Low economic vitality ..In Outaouais, three Local county municipality Some of them are Valle de la Gatineau, Pontiac and Papino. In these three sectors, investment and innovation tax credits will be raised to 20% or 40% with temporary enhancements.

The government also plans to localize 5,000 jobs by 2028 in public services, including 2,000 by September 30, 2022. Local county municipality The one with the lower economic vitality index has priority.

Coalition avenir Québec will also complete mobile coverage of residential areas and highways in the state by the fall.

Budget 2022-2023 also allocates $ 10 million over two years to assist the local government sector in the event of disasters, especially floods. This amount will be added to the conservation plan for areas specifically affected by the Ottawa River basin.