Mild extinction: When the economy is closely linked to ecology

In light of its economic impact on international affairs and rising energy prices, Carcassonne citizens, members of the Ecological and Social (CCES), Xavier Bigot, Ingrid Julien, Joëlle Munck and Lucie Arderiu have told the municipality about the theme of light. I warn you. extinction.

“Two reasons motivate our intervention.”Launch Xavier Bigot in the introduction. “The first oneHe said, It has to do with the international situation, especially the war in Ukraine, which is causing an unmistakable increase in energy costs. “.. Second, he continues, “We are concerned about the city’s response to the extinction of light in L’Indépendant, which provokes a safety debate.”..

Ingrid Julian confirms that: “Today, the city of Carcassonne spends about 470,000 euros on public lighting. It has a considerable budget.”She judges. “And as the cost of energy continues to rise, this rating will continue to rise.”.. Faced with soaring prices, municipalities are trying to adapt. Public lighting is certainly one of the roads explored. corn, “For security reasons, we have not yet taken steps to turn off the entire neighborhood.On February 22, I confessed in a column by Anne Garouste in the mayor’s office. “But security is not a valid argument.”Reacts to Xavier Bigot. “Especially because there is no serious research on safety and light extinction on a national scale, this is always the responsibility of the municipality.”Add Joëlle Munck, a board member of the CCES Association. “The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan estimates 80% of daytime thefts, robbery, transactions and assaults.” She guarantees.And to add it “According to available surveys, communities labeled with starred towns and villages face less misconduct than other communities.”.. In the case of Xavier Bigot, the opposite effect may occur. “For example, when it comes to cars, extinguishing a fire involves slowing down the driver, while accidents are less and less serious. This can be done, for example, on the boulevard of Carcassonne, across the belt. I can do it.”..

Save for the community

Ingrid Julian emphasizes one fact: “In a town similar to Carcassonne, which was extinct from 11 pm to 6 am, savings of 50% were achieved. Then, from the first year, it is not very suitable for the policies (LEDs, voltage drops) implemented. You can re-inject it into a new one, etc.) “..

“We can carry out these projects with the neighborhood association. Therefore, the saved money can be reinvested in the neighborhood association and carry out civilian projects. In fact, everything we get from it. I have one. “She confidently guarantees: “Everything must be done and built collectively, including the citizens themselves.”..

While preserving biodiversity

Unlike security “Studies exist and undoubtedly show that they interfere with all living things, day and night. On the other hand, they interfere not only with us, but also with animals, insects and plants.”Ingrid Julian continues. “Several towns and villages are implementing this policy. Importantly, we are focusing on the return of birds, butterflies and foraging insects.”

In the case of Lucie Arderiu, a board member of CCES “The glowworm is a sad example of this problem. The female glows and attracts the male, but because of the nightlight, the latter is no longer attracted to the female. As a result, the male disappears in decades.”She mourns.

The extinction of light, which is methodologically and intellectually carried out in consultation with the public, “Beyond non-negligible energy savings, improve biodiversity, happiness, and citizens’ dynamics”They explain. “That is the starting point and the establishment of beautiful dynamics.”.. “Many municipalities, and this is true not only in Villalier’s Le Rin, but also in Mérens and Dordogne. That’s quite possible.”Xavier Bigot concludes.