Mercer gives a guarantee to the community of the commune community

The Pithru-based Mercer Group reassured the elected officials about their desire to move out of Pithru. They now have the guarantee that the file can be launched by signing the lease promise in April.

Mercer files have been on the desks of representatives of the community of communa communes for several years. The world leader in affairs consulting, social protection and compensation was founded in 1993 in Pisru with five employees. First in the hall of the city hall, then in a building of 1000m2 or more. Mercer employs 102 people today. However, the building is aging and terribly aging. In addition, Mercer is changing the way he works, which is also the main reason for encouraging com-comdes Savoir-Faire to propose to build a new building.

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On Thursday, March 17, the Savoir-Faire Community Council spoke with customer manager Adrien Huché and site manager Stéphanie Simon about the motives and explanations for changes in human resource management. “We are in the final discussion of this moving project and things are going very well,” said Adrian Fushe. “We have embarked on a complete overhaul of (their) workspaces. Montpellier was two weeks ago,” he explained.

More dedicated offices

Therefore, workspaces that were already open spaces in Pithru will be moved to the Flex Office. “We need to rethink our facility. It’s an evolution of working styles. Working from home has become the norm since Covid,” recalls Adrien Huché. Therefore, Mercer employees will be working remotely for 160 days. This represents 4 days a week and another 3 days of telework. “This allows us to hire people in more distant municipalities,” says Adrian Fushe.

Flex offices organize space differently than open spaces because there are shared offices rather than dedicated offices. There is a collaboration workspace. Each employee pre-announces their day at the company in the app. “We will not only come to work, but will meet and train our managers,” emphasizes Adrian Fushe.

Delivery in May 2025

“Thus, we save 50% on the work side,” says the client director. Therefore, Mercer must settle in the location of Rose Devent in Fireubiyo. Initially, an area of ​​1,500 m2 was planned. Mercer only requires 1,000 square meters. However, because the state subsidy was assigned to the first version, Eric Darbot, president of Savoir-Faire, showed that he could set up a business hotel in the remaining 500m2. Initially, a budget of 4 million euros was predicted. This amount is currently settled as Mercer and Savoir-Faire agreed to sign a lease agreement in April. This conditioned on a kick-off for the realization of the building to be delivered in May 2025. We were waiting for this element to secure things, “said Eric Derbot. “We will work on that future,” concludes the president of Savoir-Fair.


Via a file

Significant investment

The latest information on the Municipal Project and its progress have been announced. The Auto Amance School Group (€ 5.2 million) will announce the results of the Architects’ Contest on April 27th. Delivery is scheduled for 2025.

On the same day, you can see the results of an architect contest for a school group in Bourbonne Levan (€ 9.3 million). Bourbonne Levan military police (3.5 million euros) will be rebuilt. The building must be delivered in 2025. Architect competition will be known this summer.

The Fayubiyo Health Center is under construction (€ 731,000). The construction site will be suspended for three weeks to expel moisture before attacking the plaster. Delivery is scheduled for July.

Bourbonne Levan’s swimming pool can be transformed (600,000 euros). The work is done independently.

They said


Andre Neuro, Mayor of Bourbonne les Bans, was a little obsessed with the problem of repairing the pool in the commune. To be clear, he considers the cost too high, and certain interventions have questioned him, such as changing the electrical cabinets that are working for him. “I have 42 years of experience in electricity. I think you know what I’m talking about,” he said.

And how do we raise money?

A representative asked a question when listing projects between cities, towns and villages. “For these first projects, it’s about 20 million euros. How much is your own money and how much is your loan?” He asked. President Derbot has denied reliance on tax increases. An increase of 1 point is equivalent to “only” € 37,000.

“Responsible” investment

“Responsible” is the qualifier used by President Eric Durbot to invest in the presented inter-municipal project. The latter wants to get a loan. “If the borrowing rate is correct, we will hurry to sign the contract,” he said.

Decrease in unpaid debt

com-com des Savoir-faire had to complete the debt settlement “within a couple of years”. She expects subsidies for wind turbines to return to € 230,000 a year by 2024, and other “good surprises,” said President Derbot. This is to explain the ability of com-com to borrow.