Mediation: Reservation of Educational Opportunities

Held in Marseille on March 16th, the Rendez-vous du Brokerage brings together insurance brokers, insurance brokers and their partners (insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, wholesale brokers, social protection groups, etc.) in one day. .. This event is even more important as it takes place 15 days before the entry into force of the FCM Act, which comes into force on April 1. CNCEF Assurance is using this event to inform experts of new obligations while an application for accreditation by an expert organization is being investigated by ACPR. Indeed, it is a logical continuation of the pedagogy we engaged in while considering a roadshow bill proposal in a major city on the territory.

Created in September 2019, CNCEF Assurance is ACPR-approved and brings together a large family of insurance brokers and their agents. It is a combination of all transactions and disciplines, including all insurance broker professionals and local brokers as a priority, based on compulsory membership. This reform required structural adaptation. The CNCEF Group currently has a team of 10 full-time employees who serve requests and assist brokers and their agents in the process. Our professional and responsive chamber of commerce has already supported 1,000 insurance brokers and agencies for over two years. As such, it has experience, good reflexes and knowledge of the problems that members encounter on a daily basis.

With the reality of the earth

In our construction, we endorsed the reality of the earth. This is why our association is made up of discipline managers divided into universities (affinity / life insurance / credit insurance / consultants / P & C insurance / comparators / wholesalers). Elected for three years, everyone is actively involved and the solutions provided are in perfect harmony with the needs of the professionals with whom they interact regularly.

In addition to the experience the CNCEF Group has given us since 1957 and the nature of the business professionals (insurance, credit, heritage, real estate, business) rallyed with its support, we regularly Invest in energy to provide a realistic turnkey support. Indeed, it has proven to be nothing more complicated for a local broker than constantly adapting his activities to legal texts. That’s why the majority of professions wanted this reform! Our association, among other things, provides regulatory documentation to ensure professional compliance. These documents are created by a professional lawyer and can be adjusted according to the situation of the exercise.

Occupation continues to evolve

Of course, as with ethics and transparency, consumer protection has always been our priority. Therefore, to ensure the security and legal tranquility of our members’ clients, we provide a personalized diagnostic service that may require a customer compliance investigation of the file or do more. There is a detailed compliance diagnosis. As with any profession, we know that brokers, agents, and their employees need to improve their skills, especially through ongoing digitization and to meet their legal obligations. Therefore, as a training organization approved for over 20 years, the CNCEF Group considers regulatory obligations and provides training that respects the programs imposed by the DDA Directive. In this regard, an intuitive online dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of Continuing Education (DDA) for 15 hours a year, for example, for yourself and your employees.

Raise awareness of insurance brokerage

Therefore, we are taking the reform of the securities company as an opportunity to make consumers more aware of various occupations. In this, we provide professionals with referenced online directory sheets that can be used as mini-websites, as well as communication tools and educational sheets to explain and promote their essential role in advising customers. .. Finally, our platform provides warnings about the main stages of entry into force of this reform, as well as changes to professionals who are not yet familiar with the upcoming obligations. Mastering the challenges of reform and understanding our obligation to participate in an association of experts constitutes our motivation.

On the eve of April 1st, we didn’t start with a blank page. We are organized to meet the major challenges of this profession. Our membership price is transparent and there are no other additional costs. € 200 per company per year for brokers, € 100 per company per year for agents, plus € 30 per employee. The group / network also has a sliding tariff.