Meat scams, scams, health insurance scams … this issue of low cost care shouldn’t be overlooked!

This Tuesday, March 22, 9 pm, France 5Health survey Dedicated to scams and bargains in low cost care. It’s a fascinating report, but it has something to quiver.

If you are a little hypochondriatic and the idea of ​​making an appointment with a practitioner itself scares you, skip your turn.Because of the number ofHealth survey Scheduled at 9 pm tonight, France 5 is particularly educating about the true quality of low-cost care. There are some positive and enlightening lessons to be learned from this survey, but the other aspects are truly horrifying.

Health insurance fraud at health centers

We have all heard of these centers, which promise quick bookings for consultation with ophthalmologists and dentists and charge very reasonable prices. These new types of nursing homes are born in many towns. It is run by businessmen rather than doctors and they offer suspicious quality of care. And sometimes I get some cold sweat on my health insurance. An example of consulting with a journalist at an ophthalmology center. After meeting two orthoptists and a doctor, he went home and noticed that he had been deducted from his invoice. This is “orthoptics training”. A service that has nothing to do with this invoice and is nothing more than a blatant fraud. As the experts interviewed at the show point out, this is a pure business and all paid by health insurance. Another fraud: The issuance of a second invoice, which patients often go unnoticed, is also paid directly by health insurance.

Scandal that shakes the spine

This numberHealth survey It evokes several cases of having something that makes one quiver: they relate to a dental center that has been accused of amputating a patient by a malicious doctor. In a young patient in his twenties, as well as one of these centers, Marine, who began to glue the bridge, left a completely deteriorated tooth. She could no longer eat normally and lost 15 kilos. A young woman says she suffered from a violent session that lasted about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Her actions were charged to her for nearly 6,000 euros and she was fully reimbursed. But at only 26, she has to live with her dentures for the rest of her life. The problematic center was subsequently closed by health authorities, but more than 70 victims were identified and grouped together.

100% health, low cost device to get health equipment … but rarely available in stores

Have you heard about 100% health? number ? I’m not surprised. The system, funded by mutual insurance companies and health insurance, guarantees access to high quality health equipment (glasses, hearing aids, etc.) for zero euros. But there is a problem. Some professionals do everything to prevent these products from being offered to patients. An example of several opticians who refuse to provide journalists who bring hidden cameras from the beginning with the famous spectacles that are 100% part of the medical system. However, there is a legal obligation to do so. As we learned in the report, two-thirds of opticians are now violating because they refused to obey. Experiments performed with two sets of eyeglasses at the end of the program (one branded and the other from a 100% normal device) can also improve the quality of the second pair of eyeglasses. Will be shown …